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PDF Dimensions CM Build Tool User’s Guide
C Quick Start Tutorial, Part One To help you get started using Dimensions, this tutorial walks you through the process of setting up and building a simple "Hello, World" program in C on a machine running Windows. Di
PDF Dimensions CM Build Tool User’s Guide
This MVS quick start tutorial shows you how to use Dimensions Build to set up a closed- loop build of a simple Assembler program called Disassembler. In a closed-loop build the targets that you create are captured and check in by Dimensions CM.
CMS-XML DIM10: z/OS Update needed to CM 10.1 Dimensions Build Users and Administrators Guide
LRECL: 80 BLKSZ: 3120 Download the revised tutorial when it is available.
CMS-XML Dim: Build getting started tutorial
See the attached document for more details. Please also see the accompanying KBTV Video: Dimensions CM : Getting Started with Build The steps to create the build environment are listed below
PDF Dimensions CM Event Trigger Quick Start Tutorial
The compiler flags need to be correct in order for the trigger to build correctly. Edit the relevant configuration file in %DM_ROOT%\pcms_api\examples\ arch\config
PDF Tutorial: Install, setup and use the Jenkins Plugin for Dimensions CM Pre-requisites
Step 5 Create a new Jenkins Job At this point we will create a Jenkins project that builds independent of an SCM system. In the Jenkins dashboard click on Manage Jenkins then New Item.
PDF Dimensions CM Pulse Running CM Build Expert
For simplicity simply use the document described in the following Central Blog Post dimensions-cm - build -getting-started- tutorial andcreatea working build configuration called SIMPLE_BUILD.
PDF SDA Getting Started Tutorial for the Dimensions CM plugin
Go to select DOWNLOADS, select the relevant SDA product, and select the relevant operating system. In the section entitled SDA Plugins, select the download link next for Dimensions CM Plug-in.
CMS-XML CM 14.3: CM Deploy: SDA Deployment Getting Started Tutorial
Step 4: Create a test stream and baseline Step 5: Promote the baseline to the SIT stage Step 6: Review the deployment
PDF Dimensions CM Deploy DA Deployment Getting Started Tutorial
Step 4: Map the CM GSL stage an DA enivronments Note The second task is to relate the Global Lifecyle Stage to either an environment or pipeline within DA.  Click home and under Distributed Development, in Areas and Deployment, select GSL.
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Dimensions CM: Overview (demonstration)
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