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CMS-XML In desktop and web clients columns for the Items table are not same.
In Desktop Client user opens Tools menu -> Customize Views -> Views ( Folder and Items) -> Item -> System Defined. It presents a list of attributes.
CMS-XML Dim10: When viewing Release properties, Failed to read attributes database query or There has been an error querying objects attributes, or DBIO004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred SQL-942(010862E0) ORA-00942: table or view does not exist occurs
This occurs if you have the Description field added to the Properties tab for Releases within the Desktop Client of Customize Views. To reproduce within the Desktop Client : Go to Tools > Customize views
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Desktop Client: Moving items to new DP does not display correctly
Steps To Reproduce: 1. Have items placed into a Folder with a 'space' in the name, such as ' Folder space' 2. Then select all items in this folder , go to Item/Move to Part. Select a new Design Part to move the selected items into. 3. Watch the dialog box as it goes by for the name of the items being moved.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF106795: Issue Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: Error: Cannot open file - nosuch file or directory (error=2)
Description: From Desktop Client (Client only machine) 1 Create a workarea on the server or agent node.
CMS-XML How To: #678 Private Folders are not being displayed
test1.fld..). When the GUI is shut down and brought back up, the private folder information is lost because a new folder directory is created. This process will continue until a folder directory is specified in the PVCPROJ.PRV in the PVCSPRIV directory under Windows.
CMS-XML VM - Fix for error " open failed: No such file or directory" thrown by desktop client GUI (pvcsvmux) and PCLI on Linux and Solaris
Users other than the one who installed Version Manager cannot run the GUI or PCLI in setuid mode. When they try, they see error messages like:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Cannot add new items to base database, PC Client hangs or GPFs when adding new items, When looking at IDE setup, all the upload rules for Project Merge Tool are blank.
In this case the hrun_detail2 table contained 786967 rows, which is extremely excessive. Out of that number 786434 rows were used for Project Merge Tool ($$mrg). All other fields except one for these rows were blank, one had 0's, at least for the first few thousand rows.
CMS-XML Dim 12.x / 14.x : not possible to browse an item from baseline view of desktop client, getting error : "Browse Item - COR7700246E You do not have the "Browse" (ITEM_BROWSE) privilege to perform this operation"
In this scenario, to be able to Browse/Get an Item, user must have the DEVELOPER role, see definition of the Browse privilege below When browsing an Item from " Folders and Items" view , the user can browse the Item. But when the same user tries to browse the same Item from the Baseline view, user gets the error :
CMS-XML Error: Folder | Change Folder Members Doesn't Display Archives Correctly
On a UNIX file system, these two directories are distinct. However, the VM GUI gets confused while trying to display the list of versioned files. The information will be written correctly.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Error - could not start editor command occurs when trying to view or show lifecycles within the Desktop Client
The above error will occur if the Desktop Client is installed into a folder which contains spaces, such as C:\Program Files\Serena\ChangeMan\Dimensions\9.1.
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