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CMS-XML Version number not incrementing and causing " The given label has already been assigned to one or more of the design elements" error on deploy
When attempting to deploy, you may get an error that says: "Failed to deploy process app. The error from the Repository was: The given label has already been assigned to one or more of the design elements."
CMS-XML Label always set to Version 1.0 for publish and version history missing - Error: Get history attempt failed for ... Some assets failed to complete 'GetHistory' operation ...
(1) When you try to publish or deploy a Process App the label of Version 1.0 is always shown. The previous label should be incremented and the default.
CMS-XML Error - Attempt to apply label failed for Visual styles 'styles' - when publishing a mashup
Steps to Reproduce: Take a mashup that has more than one application and deploy it. Then using Mashup Manager, on the same environment use the "Get Mashup From Application Engine"
CMS-XML VM 8.6.0 DEF316317: HotFix for VM 8.6.0 to solve HTTP 400 error in the Web Client when browsing for labels from projects with a space in their name
, and should only be deployed to systems running VM 8.6.0. Prior to installing, ensure the Serena VM Web Application Server (File Server / VM I-Net / WebDAV) is not running.
CMS-XML Entry incorrectly created in TS_STRINGIDENTIFIERS every time deploy global app containing custom form. This can also lead to errors in notification server
That alone is not a problem (other than duplicates) but if you try to use $STRING() tag in notification template and choose, for example, $STRING(Prefix.View Form.FirstName_Label) - where "Prefix.View Form.FirstName_ Label " is label for the First Name field - you get error in notification server log and mail is not sent.
CMS-XML After upgrade to 11.4 opening a labeled version of a process app throws errors: Attempt to resolve label ... failed. ... The design element could not be retrieved from the Repository.
Unfortunately there is no workaround to be able to open a version by label. Meanwhile if you need to get an emergency fix into an environment whilst you have ongoing development you will need to export the relevant version from the Application Repository, import the file into Composer and publish and deploy .
CMS-XML MCLG: Collage Patch - Backup deploy fails with error 'null'
(DEF131411) Using Javascripts that specify a path that points outside of the project causes Collage to throw an exception and hang. (DEF111954) In the Collage editor, If you copy content that has styles from a Word document and paste them into a plain text field, Collage doesn't strip the HTML comment tags . (DEF136576) In Collage Contributor, when you assign a task to user, it is sometimes allocated to the wrong user.
CMS-XML New Note field causes error in Event Viewer every time the form is loaded. processing tag JSONDATAFROMFIELDUUID
Resource Msg Id = IDS_F2_MSG_TAGDATANOTFOUND 2205f613-c41e-4f62-849d-792a9df98aa0 not found when processing tag JSONDATAFROMFIELDUUID The only way to avoid this error when the form loads is to remove it from the form in Composer and deploy
CMS-XML RLC: You must not delete the default tags from the plugins data file. Doing so can cause severe errors in Release Control Administration.
For example, the Deployment Automation plugin supports: "Deployment Unit" tag for Component Version and Snapshot types "Execution" tag for Component Version Actions and Snapshot actions types
CMS-XML Not able to open Environment->Deploy History - error - Unable to load relation 'history
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