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CMS-XML **BETA**...SKEL CMNIMPRM at demotion does not clean up promo libs.
BETA site is reporting that promotion libs are not being cleaned up during demotion. When they use CMN$$PRM instead of CMNIMPRM the cleanup takes place correctly. In comparing the 2 skels, the following code is missing from CMNIMPRM:
CMS-XML CMNs020I CMNVRLIO RC=0008,FDBK=006C during demotion cleanup processing
A customer installed a package that had been promoted to two promotion sites. The promotion cleanup service requests were both executed by the CMN30 job but eventually they noticed that only one site had been cleaned up.
CMS-XML Full demotion of empty pkgs results in modules not being removed from promo lib
It is possible for a package, that has been promoted, to have all its components deleted from the package, and then a full demotion be performed in an attempt to clean -up the modules in the promotion libraries from that package that were deleted.
CMS-XML Problems with custom variables (V01-V10) and XML-driven demotion
Two issues: 1. These variables are not set when executing an XML-requested package demote. 2. The PACKAGE/DEMOTE/ CLEANUP service provides no opportunity to supply these values despite resulting in the file tailoring of the same ISPF skeletons.
CMS-XML Promotion cleanup not being executed under specific circumstances
In ZMF 7.1.3 CR DEF227163 we changed the logic surrounding the package demotion cleanup processing at package installation time (skels CMNINLPM and CMNINRPM). In very specific circumstances this change can result in local (i.e. DP) site promotion environments not being cleaned up.
CMS-XML Timing error leading to incorrect cleanup of promotion library
PACKAGE UPDATED/CMN3288A - Demotion found no components but the package level was updated. The job is submitted with the following: REQUEST SUBMITTED/CMN3261I - request submitted for demotion from PROMSITE,PROMNICKNAME.
CMS-XML Promotion cleanup job is incorrectly submitted by the CMN25 job, for the DP site.
When the CMN25 job submits the cleanup job, the cleanup binds 'can' occur 'before' the baseline libraries have been updated. Then when the baseline libraries are subsequently updated by the CMN30 job, since the DBRMs that were bound by the cleanup demotion job, do not match the LOADS in the updated baseline load library, a -805 is issued by DB2, when attempting to execute the program.
CMS-XML SDA - How to do a clean Deploy
SDA - How to do a clean Deploy
CMS-XML Dim10: Build: Build specific clean up script
Dim10: Build: Build specific clean up script
CMS-XML Database cleanup to clean the table entries out of RTM and TT
Database cleanup to clean the table entries out of RTM and TT
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