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CMS-XML VM Server: How to save servlet definitions while moving or upgrading VM Server
In VM 8.0 and above, the steps are listed in the readme file. Search for the Web Client section in the Table of Contents. Look under "Upgrade Considerations" and then for "Migrating a Large List of Servlets"
CMS-XML How to preserve Path Map settings and the VM I-Net applet configuration when upgrading Version Manager or moving to a different server
Preserving Servlet Definitions : Windows
CMS-XML VMINET: VM Server 6.7.11 Readme with Release Highlights
MERANT PVCS VM SERVER Version 6. ... .1 Supported VM Server Platforms 1.2 Supported VM I-NET Platforms 1. ... ... 4 Installing the VM I-NET Client Applet on ... 5 Installing the VM I-NET Client Applet on ... .7 Installing VM Server on Windows 2000 ... .9 iPlanet Web Server on Pentium IV servers . ... 3.0 UPGRADE ISSUES 3.1 Uninstall of VM 6.7 ... is required before upgrading to this release ... ... Be Purged from Server 4.4 ...
CMS-XML TRK 7.5: Updating server definitions in the Tracker 7.5 server wizard can cause the deletion all server definitions if a project is opened with prior versions of Tracker.
There are three workarounds: 1) Upgrade everyone to Tracker 7.5.00.
CMS-XML TRK: How to move PVCS Metrics definitions from one machine to another.
Install PVCS Tracker to the new server that the file has been moved to, initiate PVCS Metrics, and then specify the location of the bin file when prompted. The latter option would be used if you wish to run PVCS Metrics on the new server.
CMS-XML TRK: Existing dBase projects are not available after upgrade to Tracker 7.0
Follow these steps to recover from the situation: Create the server definition to point to the correct dBase location. Log into Tracker Administrator using the new server definition.
CMS-XML Version Manager HotFix for (TECH05789)
The HotFix addresses the following issues: DEF137890/DEF143344: After upgrading to VM 8.1.4.x, File Server clients may crash if more than 50 path maps are defined on the server .
PDF Merant Tracker Installation Guide
NOTE Users upgrading from Tracker 6.x should use the Server Wizard to convert old server definitions . See the Merant Tracker User’s Guide.
VM - Power On VM , 687 VM - Power Up Host From Standby, 622 VM - PutHostToMaintenance,618 VM - Reboot Host , 623 VM - Reconnect Host , 619 VM - Register VM , 682 VM - Remove All Snapshots, 695 VM - Remove CD From VM , 675 VM - Remove Host , 615 VM - Remove Host Virtual Adapter, 643 VM - Remove Port Group, 645 VM - Remove Snapshot, 696 VM - Remove Virtual Disk From VM , 676 VM - Remove Virtual Ethernet Card From VM , 646 VM - Remove Virtual Switch, 647 VM - Rename Snapshot, 697 VM - Rename VM , 677 VM - Reset VM , 688 VM - Resume VM , 689 VM - Revert To Snapshot, 698 VM - Shutdown Guest, 690 VM - Shutdown Host , 624 VM - Suspend VM , 691 VM - Unregister VM , 684 VM - Update Host Virtual Adapter, 648 VM - Update Port Group, 650 VM - Update Virtual Switch, 651 VM - Upgrade VM , 678 VM - Upgrade VMware Tools, ... Source for User Defined JDBC Provider Action ...
MS-WORD VM WebDAV Server Training
... If you installed VM WebDAV server on a non ... # Defining a worker named ... ... port number for VM WebDAV server ), in ... - Open the <iPlanet_Install_Dir>\< VM website used for VM WebDAV>\conf\obj.conf and add the following lines: ... Init fn="register-http-method" methods="HEAD,GET,PUT,POST,DELETE,TRACE,OPTIONS, MOVE ,INDEX,OPTIONS,MKDIR,COPY,LOCK,MKCOL,PROPFIND,PROPPATCH,UNLOCK"
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