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CMS-XML SDA: How to debug a failed mail notification
Email notification has been set up however the catalina.out reports
CMS-XML Dim: Mail: Debugging communications issues between pcmsmail client and SMTP mail server
Sometimes when Dimensions email notifications are not being received by subscribers, the problem is the communications with the SMTP mail server or new or existing email policies being enforced by the SMTP mail server. The dmemail log files will not contain any errors or problem descriptions for these types of issues.
CMS-XML Notification Server gets a Null Pointer Exception when debug log is turned on in the Configurator Mail Services section - Error: "While job executing java.lang.NullPointerException"
There is exception when debug log level is ON. This can be ignored and does not have functional impact.
CMS-XML Dim: Using a batch file to debug the DM_MAILS syntax specified in dm.cfg
Further to the KB article that describes how to debug the email notification system, It is also possible to use a batch file to debug, the mail calls that are being generated through the Dimensions email notifications on a WIndows Server
CMS-XML Dim 10.1.3 Email - Problem with displaying PRODUCT.
Got all the request templates tested and they all work but pending. turning on debugging there is no error just the product variable returns nothing. DMEMAIL: Symbol PRODUCT, type 0 occurs 1 DMEMAIL: ...Value is ''
CMS-XML Add more information for ERROR message "Cannot convert Message to Email" in ns.log for Notification Server
Very hard to diagnose the following types of message even with DEBUG logging as there is no Java Stacktrace DEBUG QuartzScheduler_Worker-1 2016-06-07 09:31:50,041 [notificationsrv.MessageService.Messages] -- finished to process messages DEBUG QuartzScheduler_Worker-1 2016-06-07 09:31:50,041 [notificationsrv.NSProcessJob] -- Job is successfully finished for service: messageService
CMS-XML SBM: XML Email Submit does not parse fields (ns.log gives "The incomming email is not XML, will process like text")
If you are having trouble with the setup for XML email submit, we recommend increasing the notification logging (Configurator > Mail Services > Notification Server tab > Scroll to the bottom > Logging Level) to Debug level. This will add additional information to the ns.log that will be helpful in troubleshooting.
CMS-XML JavaScript error warning when opening email window
In IE9 go to the advanced settings, untick "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)", untick "Disable script debugger (Other)" and tick "Dispay a notification about every script error". Log in to SBM, browse any issue and click on an email button. The script debugger will show errors as the following:
CMS-XML LDAP user import/update is sending out notification emails
00000 INFO QuartzScheduler_Worker-40 2017-02-21 10:50:48,264 [notificationsrv.EmailMessageStrategy.Messages] -- Message with id = 3275226 successfully sent to recipient( with userid = 0 [tableId=0, itemId=0] 00000 DEBUG QuartzScheduler_Worker-40 2017-02-21 10:50:48,269 [notificationsrv.MessageService.Messages] -- finished to process messages
CMS-XML Email parser - Adjusting the Matching Threshold for Fields and Values in E-mail Submit and E-mail Responses
To view invoke more verbose logging that enables you to see what values were mapped from a user's input, add: DEBUG to:
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