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CMS-XML About Collation Settings for SBM Databases
Generally you should use the collation that is closest to the locale that is used by the majority of your users (there are several options). However please ensure that you use case insensitive sorting (_CI_ ) and do NOT use a case sensitive collation (containig either _CS or _BIN in the name) as this leads to problems with future database upgrades and loss of some SBM functionality (for example, Mass Update reports).
CMS-XML DimCM: Listener.dat variable: How to prevent users from using an invalid basedatabasename or connection to the database.
-dsn_whitelist cm_typical@dim14,intermediate@dim14 * The comparison of dsn details is done in case- insensitive mode. *The variable list does have a maximum length limit of 2048 characters of which this includes one character for a new line character so the real length limitation is 2047.
MS-WORD PVCS Tracker 3.0 Database Schema Contents
case: 1 = case sensitive, 0 = case insensitive . string: can contain wild cards: ? is match any character, * is match any sub-strings. A back slash (\) preceding any character is the character itself.
PDF PVCS Tracker Database Schema Contents
Condition String for a String field: case, string case: 1 = case sensitive, 0 = case insensitive .
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Is the Oracle database collection name of Arabic_CI_AI supported?
For Dimensions, the collation needs to be case- insensitive . Therefore, since Arabic_CI_AI is case-insensitive then it should be fine.
CMS-XML Database Licensing
Database Licensing
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
Serena Business Manager 11.2 Database Schema Reference Guide Last Modified: November 21, 2016
CMS-XML SQL Server Database Privileges
SQL Server Database Privileges
CMS-XML Database Column Limitations.
Database Column Limitations.
CMS-XML Database verification attempt failed
Database verification attempt failed
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