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CMS-XML A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client
"KNOWN ISSUE: If you enter an HTML tag in a text entry box in Portfolio Edge, you may get this error: A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client
CMS-XML Incidents: Resolution field shows HTML tags instead of link
The problem is that the Resolution field displays the the HTML code instead of making the link. The Resolution field is using the Render HTML option, but several HTML tags are ignored by the Render feature because they are considered " dangerous ". The tag is one of these.
CMS-XML Inserting html tag before text throws an error: An unexpected error was encounte
Results: An unexpected error was encountered. Error Details: A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client.
CMS-XML Email Submit: HTML tags displayed in text fields
Any formatting from the email will show in the field (bold text will show bold). The down side to this option is that if SBM believes the code to be " dangerous ", it will not render the code. Instead, it will display the code.
CMS-XML When using email submit and I map the body of the email to one of my fields all I see is non rendered html with a bunch of Microsoft tags.
thebody = Mid(originalstring,InStr(originalstring,Left(thebody,onlybody))+len(Left(thebody,onlybody)),lastpart-(InStr(originalstring,Left(thebody,onlybody))+len(Left(thebody,onlybody)))) ' Replace dangerous tags so they don't display html thebody = Replace(thebody,"<a","&lt;a")
CMS-XML DM Java 7 Update 21 and Java 6 Update 45 try to block the web client applet as being potentially unsafe
Please note that this workaround affects all applets, not just the ones used by Version Manager. (If you are interested to learn why this error now suddenly comes up, see Mixing Privileged Code and Sandbox Code , in particular the statement: "As of Java SE 7 update 21, JavaScript code that calls code within a privileged applet is treated as mixed code and warning dialogs are raised if the signed JAR files are not tagged with the Trusted-Library attribute."
CMS-XML Mail Client will ignore certain HTML-formatted e-mail messages
If an email contains a dangerous tag , (that is, a tag which indicates a potential security risk) the whole email will be encoded to protect from cross site scripting attacks. Due to this encoding, all html tags will display.
CMS-XML HTML not rendering even when option to render it is turned on.
In some circumstances, there will be text fields which contain valid HTML code, but this code will not render in the state, even when the Render HTML option is set for that field. This is a security measure to prevent potentially malicious HTML from getting executed. Such potentially dangerous tags are defined as:
CMS-XML Email submit when using Outlook as your client creates an item but the body field is unusable.
The real problem is we're not pulling the <body> tag out of the email and rather putting the entire email code into the description. Because the " Dangerous Tags " feature is enabled we have a hard time with the usual dangerous tags but the <meta> tag seems to cause us problems as well.
CMS-XML Notification emails do not render HTML, previous versions did render HTML
When a notification includes a text field (such as a memo or journal field), which includes links or other HTML, the HTML code is not always rendered in the notification emails. Instead, if the field contains any " dangerous " tags , then all of the HTML is no longer rendered. Instead, the notification displays the HTML code.
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