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CMS-XML Ten Steps to setup PowerBuilder w/3rd party source control tools
8. Have each developer use the exact same project property when setting up their source control connection from the workspace, properties tab dialog. This is required in order that relative path information, contained in the .PBT and .PBG files, is the same for each developer on the project.
CMS-XML How to make the JSESSIONID cookie secure if HTTPS encryption/decryption is handled by an external device, like an F5 load balancer
When communicating with Tomcat over HTTPS (e.g. port 8443), the JSESSIONID cookie that is used to track the session information will automatically be generated as a secure cookie. This means browsers won't send the cookie to any page request involving insecure HTTP (e.g. port 8080), which can prevent session hijacking if a 3rd party somehow managed to trigger such a request .
CMS-XML 2009r2 : deploy request fails with db error: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
Actual result: PMRQ "QLARIUS1_CR_40" /WORKSET="QLARIUS1:L 3RD 205621_1" /STAGE="RELEASE" /NOCANCEL_TRAVERSE DBI0004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred
CMS-XML Tomcat Vulnerability - CVE-2011-3190
Vulnerability exploits attempt to impersonate AJP requests sent from the 3rd party web server. By adding a required secret to this communication, attackers will not be able to exploit the vulnerable code because they do not know what secret to put into their impersonated AJP requests.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Pdiff dump of change docs, get error: Unable to retrieve object data, Unable to dump chdoc relationships, Dump failed for object UID
The 2nd column is the ch_uid (referencing the change document). The 3rd column is the UID of the missing item.
CMS-XML ZDDOPTS members COMMAND and PKGPROP do not completely disable updates to package information.
Customer wants to disable all PACKAGE UPDATE FUNCTIONS from being performed within the plugin. They have a 3rd party interface that is used to update the information and do not want users to be able to update the fields using the plug-in. Use of the 3rd party product is required .
PDF Serena Release Automation Installation and Administration Guide 3.3
D Database Prerequisites • 12 DeletingActionCategories•83 Deleting Agent Groups • 73 Deleting Agents • 70 Deleting Execution Servers • 70 Deleting Published Processes • 91 Deleting User Groups • 60 DeletingUsers•59 Displaying 3rd -Party License Agreements • 94 E
D Database Prerequisites • 14 Deleting Action Categories •100 Deleting Actions • 102 Deleting Agent Groups • 88 Deleting Agents • 85 Deleting Execution Servers • 85 Deleting Published Processes • 110 Deleting User Groups • 73 DeletingUsers•72 Displaying 3rd -Party License Agreements • 113 Dynamic Agent Mapping•33,139 E
CMS-XML Binary/Trinary fields cannot be set to "Required". Form Action "make field required/optional" does not list binary fields. Deploy fails with "failed to validate and cannot be deployed" after an upgrade
Add the 3rd or "Trinary" option to the field. Then, set it to something like "Unknown" or "None", for example. Then, change the Form Action to check for the value of "Unknown" or "None", and give a message that the field must be updated.
CMS-XML Getting invalid synch21s in Participating package when it's Audited as 'Primary'
Plus there is a 3rd participating package in the set that contains a CPY, and this CPY is referenced by a SRC in the package that contains the scratch request .
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