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CMS-XML SBM 11+: Creating Query Views for Advanced Reports (SBM Advanced XML Report)
database, and you can write SQL queries that join data from tables outside the SBM
CMS-XML Copy Database fails when database has a solution view or Advanced SQL Queries for Reporting
Processing will now halt. ORA-00942: table or view does not exist Option value changed.
CMS-XML Enable viewing of inactive items in advanced lookup or Manage Auxiliary Data view in Application Administrator.
If you need to be able to view inactive items in a table when performing an advanced lookup or when looking at a aux table through the "Manage Auxiliary Data" view in the application administrator (aka admin portal), change the " Advanced Lookup Defaults" in your profile settings.
CMS-XML User with Create/Modify Advanced SQL reports can't see the "Advanced SQL" checkbox
User with Create/Modify Advanced SQL reports can't see the " Advanced SQL " checkbox
CMS-XML Page cannot be displayed when Exporting Advanced search to Excel
Internet explorer cannot display the page
CMS-XML Preview of Advanced Distribution Report drilldown shows incorrect results when using a search filter
To reproduce: (1) Create an advanced distribution report e.g group rows = owner, group columns = state (2) Add a search filter which will change the results e.g. Project does not contain "Project x"
CMS-XML Advanced reporting - views to internal tables gives error when try to filter on these values - Error: Request Failed. Please contact your administrator
If you use Advanced Reporting and create a view to system tables e.g.TS_PROJECTS, TS_GROUPS, TS_SELECTIONS then you try to create a Listing Report against this view. If you select in the filter a field to one of the system tables then the values are not populated to be able to select them and if you input a value to search that you know exists then you get "Request Failed. Please contact your administrator!".
CMS-XML RLC: How to see Release Package information from the Manual Task form (SBM Advanced XML Report)
The report example attached to this document should only be used to display Release Package information on the Manual Task. Do not use this report to query large numbers to Release Packages or Manual Tasks. If you need a list (for example) of all active Manual Tasks in the system, follow the steps in KB S142605 instead.
CMS-XML RLC 6.0: How to see which deployment units have been deployed to an environment, and which Engineers deployed those deployment units (SBM Advanced XML Report)
On the Query tab, change the TS_ENVIRONMENT value to be: { TITLE} Deploy the changes.
CMS-XML RLC 6.0+: How to see the Release Package associated to a Request (SBM Advanced XML Report)
On the Query tab, change the TS_REQUEST_ID value to be: {_TABLEID }:{_RECORDID Deploy the changes.
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