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CMS-XML Administrator installed on Japanese locale OS takes long time to connect to DB via ODBC
Administrator installed on Japanese locale OS takes long time to connect to DB via ODBC
CMS-XML Deleting attachment from database can take a long time
Deleting attachment from database can take a long time
CMS-XML TT661: Reported Defect DEF85328: TeamTrack database uses LONG RAW datatype - Fixed in TT6.6.1.08
LONG RAW had to be chosen because the Microsoft Oracle ODBC driver couldn't identify/use BLOB types (which were new types at the time , and it was the MS driver that everybody thought we should use). Note that Microsoft hasn't changed or improved their driver since that time, and we no longer consider the MS driver part of our "supported" TeamTrack configuration.
CMS-XML Opening a Project Database can take a very long time when a HOST-based login ID is used and the Access Control Database has an empty Access List Group
The login ID that is obtained from the login source has a different case from the one that is stored in the Access Control Database (ACD) file. (E.g. "Admin" versus "admin".)
CMS-XML SBM: How to upgrade SBM and move to a new Windows server at the same time
If you followed the suggestion above to make a copy the existing PROD database to become the new QA database , keep track of how long this upgrade takes to run. This will give you a better estimate of the time it will take the upgrade to run on go-live day.
CMS-XML Certain notifications are sent out repeatedly every time notification server checks the DB
a notification rule has been set up which notifies when a new item is submitted into a table a user signs up to this notification rule and receives the notifications for this rule the next time the notification server cycle is run the user receives the same notifications now every time the notification server cycle runs
CMS-XML Dim12: Create Item locks row in database blocking some other operations for a time
During a create item operation the new row is locked in the database , having the potential to block other operations for a time . In circumstances where a user-written event is called from the Create Item event, this lock may exist until the event and the create item operation complete.
CMS-XML Nightly post jobs take a very long time to run (clean up financial view buckets)
[Pre-conditions] Accelerator 10.2.6 DB [Repro Steps]
CMS-XML Dim CM: “Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string” performing a deliver into SQL Server database
The following translated error was generated when performing a Deliver operation into a new Dimensions CM installation running against an SQL Server database with a Chinese local
CMS-XML Load/publish task plan takes a long time or gives error "Server Error"
* Tasks are marked "dirty" as they are updated. When publishing, only the dirty tasks are published to the database .
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