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CMS-XML Version Manager could not open the access control database, "ACDB Path". Please contact your PVCS administrator for further assistance.
When using Version Manager with a VM File Server, make sure the Access Control Database (ACDB) path is mapped by a Path Map on a File Server.
CMS-XML Software Error: PVCS AnswerLine #51235 Unable to Open/Can't create Access Control Database. Zero Byte Access Database Created
Software Error: PVCS AnswerLine #51235 Unable to Open / Can't create Access Control Database . Zero Byte Access Database Created
CMS-XML Opening a Project Database can take a very long time when a HOST-based login ID is used and the Access Control Database has an empty Access List Group
Version Manager can take an exceedingly long time to open a Project Database (PDB) if the following are true: The PDB is using a HOST-based login source, and the login ID is set to be case in
CMS-XML Error: Cannot open file. Either you do not have network privileges or the pathname to the file does not exist.... Common causes of common errors.
file for each project. The access control database , expand keywords, and VCSID references are specified in these .cfg files,
CMS-XML Problem: Admin makes a change to privileges Restricts a User in the Access Control Database
Close the project and then re- open it. Even though VM updates the acdb, it doesn't update the version in memory, so the project is not updated with the new changes.
CMS-XML VM: How to create a printable list of users from a Version Manager access control database
Open the output file (accessdb.txt) in your favorite text editor and print.
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Double Clicking on a Project with No Permissions Locks the GUI [1023776] If a user was not defined in the access control database for a project and that user double-clicked on a project to open it, the GUI would lock up and display the error message: "Access to this project has been denied because your login account is invalid". This has been fixed.
CMS-XML [Warning] The maximum number of open files allowed has been reached
While trying to login to a Project DataBase (PDB) or while attempting to update an Access Control DataBase (ACDB) file using Admin -> Security, users are presented with the message: The maximum number of open files allowed has been reached (Different variants of this message include the exception PvcsFileSystemOpenFileLimitException
CMS-XML When opening PDB, GUI gives "java.lang.NullPointerException at$UserIdTreeBranch.access...."
This indicates corrupted ACD ( Access Control Database ) and <PDB>/pvcsuser/allusers.ser files.
PDF Serena ChangeMan Version Manager Web Client User's Guide
A project that you cannot open because you have not been defined in the Access Control Database . The icon for a 5.3/6.0 project appears in blue.
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