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CMS-XML ERROR -- Failed to send notification email to recipient < email address >: Could not connect to SMTP host: localhost, port: 25
If your notification server is running and you have verified that the port is listening and notifications are successfully sent , then you may have a configuration issue. Launch SBM Configurator Select the Mail Services tab under Standard Settings
CMS-XML Not possible to add an external recipient to e-mail message sent from a transition form
If you select the "letter" icon next to a user's details on a form (such as the affected users etc), once the send mail window opens, you will not then be able to add the email address for an external user by typing in the usual address box.
CMS-XML Notifications do not get sent when user's name has a comma and "Invalid email address" error received
at at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$ ERROR 21-02-2013 11:13:50 [Messages] -- message with id = 3 could not be sent to recipient (Administrator <>with userid = 8.
CMS-XML Get$findCCUsers in ns.log when user has bogus entry in CC list in user profile and nobody gets the notification sent to them, not even the primary recipient
For Oracle users you can use the following that won't be as exact but will get a lot closer in identifying potential bogus CC List entries. This one however will return all entries with a comma or semicolon seperator so you still have to make sure those are valid manually.
CMS-XML Send Email From Item does not work for auxiliary items
2. open it and send email from item Expected result: the email was delivered to the recipient . Actual result: recipient received no emails.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Email: Notifications are not being sent to all users with appropriate role
This issue can result when there is a large list of recipient users, Dimensions may be truncating this list. If using standard Dimensions email notifications (not dm_email), then try adding the following parameter to dm.cfg: DM_MAIL_ADDRESS_LIST_SIZE 1999
CMS-XML Notifications not sending emails and get error "Cannot convert Message to Email" in ns.log
ERROR QuartzScheduler_Worker-26 2016-06-07 09:31:50,041 [notificationsrv.EmailMessageStrategy.Messages] -- while sending message with id = 25 to recipient with userid = 1. Cannot convert Message to Email. [tableId=1014, itemId=7]
CMS-XML ECP SERNET approval notifications are not sent, after upgrading to ZMF 5.5.1.
The following may be noticed in the SERNET.LOG file on the ECP server: 2005/05/26 07:21:40 Format and send recipients information. 2005/05/26 07:21:40 Format subject and body.
CMS-XML ns.log incorrectly logging success of email send when an has error occurred - Error: Cannot convert Message to Email
INFO 07-06-2016 10:53:25 [Messages] -- Message with id = 52 successfully sent to recipient ( with userid = 1 [tableId=1014, itemId=36]
CMS-XML Editable Grid: Send Email does not work.
Only Notes section logs correctly. [Expected result] Email is sent out to recipient's mail inbox.
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