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CMS-XML SBM: How to copy a global process app into a new, empty environment
In this use case, you have a global process app with customer tables, triggers, etc. and you want to copy that global to a new, empty environment. The global is a special process app, and you can't just import it like you might with other process apps. Instead, you must follow specific steps.
CMS-XML Deployment of Global Process App adds additional copies of selections to all AUX table single selection fields
When deploying the Global Process App, additional copies of the selections in single selection fields are added to the field . This only happens with the Global Process App so this is only happening for auxiliary tables.
CMS-XML Global libtype admin sets directory blocks to zero if a LIBRARY(PDSE) is defined
If the global libtype is defined from scratch as a library then it gets 0 dirblks assigned regardless of how many dirblks are requested. Once this definition is copied forward into the application libtype definition, and zmf allocates staging libraries with zero dirblks, we start getting i/o errors and staging libraries turned into sequential datasets.
CMS-XML Setting "VALIDATE ISPF LIBRARIES" Global Admin parm to YES seems to have no effect.
When a “user's” CLIST is executed, that has different concatenations for ISPLLIB, ISPPLIB and ISPMLIB, even though "VALIDATE ISPF LIBRARIES" is set to YES, no error is produced. If a CMNEX* exit is put in a user's library and that library is subsequently added to a user's custom CLIST, it allows the user to execute their version of the exit, rather than the copy in a RACF protected dataset defined for STEPLIB / ISPLLIB.
CMS-XML Get copy on a baseline function is diff between desktop client and web client
Will see a message 'Your work area includes content that was obtained from streams other than the stream to which you are delivering.' If you compare the metadata on the get for the items from a desktop client and from a web client, you will see that the desktop client is pulling it in from the baseline and the web client is pulling it in from $ global . User also has to wait 10 minutes on the deliver back in on the web client for just 2 items where the desktop client is instant.
CMS-XML Sites not grouped when CMNEX039 is used and copy forward is attempted.
When CMNEX039 is used to group sites, and COPY FORWARD is attempted , sites are displayed individually on "CREATE: SITE INFORMATION" panel. If sites are attempted to be used individually, "CMN1305A - Undefined site information. Contact Global Admin." is issued.
CMS-XML STR: Copying tagged members
MEMBER2 3. Issue the global command TAG on the command line (COMMAND ===>) to create a member list of tagged members.
CMS-XML Concatenation order of Copy Libraries for Participating packages during staging
The order of libtypes within the Development Staging Libraries list is determined by the order of the library types defined in Local Administration option 2-Library Types AT THE TIME THE PACKAGE IS CREATED. (The Library Types panel is accessed by a.a.2 if you have global and local admin access, or a.2 if you have local admin only.)
CMS-XML MCLG: Editing the HTML and Plain Text DDF files does not allow you to change the Convert to XHTML or Use Global Styles options
Click the Get Copy option. This will put a copy of the DDF in your work directory.
CMS-XML Library types missing from global and application administration after upgrade to 8.2 Patch 4
This problem was caused by copying forward our custom CMNEX035 source code without re-building it using 8.2 Patch 4 copybooks. Once this step was completed all of the issues detailed above were resolved.
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