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CMS-XML SRC and SSM content licenses explained. SLA reports or SLA widget are not visible in the User Workspace.
Technically the SRC and SSM licenses just have to exist in SLM for the SLA User Workspace features to appear. i.e. without one of these you will not be able to configure SLA's in the Application Administrator. Neither will the SLA reports nor the SLA widget be visible in the User Workspace.
CMS-XML Bound privilege section setting has no bearing on behaviour of Time Capture widget
This setting does nothing to restrict access to the widget based on on the given Privilege Section. In the example laid out below the widget is bound to the Manager fields section but user access to this section has no bearing on access to the widget . If user has no access at all to the Manager fields they can still view/update Time Capture widget.
CMS-XML Configuring and Troubleshooting the Social Widget in SBM
The Social view is enabled for all primary items by default. The Experts feature, which is not enabled by default, is part of the Social View and allows users to see a list of experts based on the number and kind of similar items they worked on.
CMS-XML System Setting to Disable or Enable Automatic Refresh of Dashboard Widgets
This disables the automatic refresh feature for all users in SBM. Any widgets that have a refresh interval set will ignore the setting unless you re-enable the feature by changing the EnableWorkCenterAutoRefresh value back to 1.
CMS-XML Configuring SBM REST grid widgets to access Release Automation REST services using Composer Mode
Turn on SSO authentication. Deploy the process app. Verify the information in the SBM process app's user workspace.
CMS-XML REST widget does not return expected outputs in configuration screen
What are the steps to reproduce the problem? The list of outputs returned by the configuration tool includes the values from the XML returned as an "array of records". There is an element called "record" which contains all the ts_ user fields, and all ts_ user fields are mixed with the expected returned fields under the root "array of records" level.
CMS-XML User Session Time-out is not honored if an automatic refresh interval is enabled for an activity view widget
setting (if enabled in SBM Configurator) is ignored and the session is not timed out even if the session should end due to inactivity.
CMS-XML PDF Widget does not properly display or print when using WorkCenter URL from the Installation and Configuration Guide
The Installation and Configuration guide suggests using http://servername/workcenter as the URL to access SWC (page 183). However, using this URL seems to cause issue with how information is displayed and rendered. In this case, the PDF Widget does not display correctly and sometimes not at all.
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
In the example above the Agile value for "PES- User -Story" can be found by going to the Configuration | Types Setup | Work Types screen and clicking on Story. On the right side of the screen it will by the value in the "System Name" field.
PDF SOO Installation and Configuration Guide
• For Oracle systems, the Oracle schema user requires a certain set of roles and privileges to enable "Oracle Text" for use with the Social Widget control that is enabled by default in the SOO process apps. See solution S133641 for details.
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