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CMS-XML Publishing process app from Composer not generating a unique label
When publishing a process app from Composer , it may not generate a unique label because it tries to find the label with the highest index rather than using the last label to increment and it sometimes does not correctly find the highest value label. You may be able to resolve the issue by using a label with a larger number so that Composer increments from that number.
CMS-XML Composer import mashup error "Null is not allowed value for ModelCollection"
This is fixed at SBM_R2.03 patch. The patch can be downloaded from here index ?page=content&id=P2465
CMS-XML Common Log viewer can time out in Composer if it contains too may entries
The following indexes will increase the retrieval performance for CL entries. CREATE INDEX IDX_BY_VALUE_CTX_VALUE ON CL_CONTEXT_VALUE (VALUE); CREATE INDEX IDX_BY_LOGID_CTX_VALUE ON CL_CONTEXT_VALUE (LOG_ID);
CMS-XML Responsive forms become corrupted when opened in Composer after an import
You will need to download SBM 11.2 hotfix 3 (Full Composer version) from here - index ?page=content&id=P2795 Alternatively, this Composer installation is available as part of the SSM 5.3 server in the hotfix directory.
CMS-XML Composer does not correctly handle web service call timeout in the open from repository which can lead to only red icon process apps
When going to Open in Composer and then selecting to open from the Repository, the first of two web service calls made to the Application Repository (to get a list of all checked in process apps that the user has privileges for) may reach the default 2 minute timeout in Composer .
CMS-XML Array index cannot have an external element reference error when using ForEach in an Orchestration.
Composer does not allow to go through internal array using ForEach step due to "Array index cannot have an external element reference" error.
CMS-XML After upgrade from 2008 to 2009 action based on subtask does not work and edit of action in Composer causes it to crash
Error : Index was outside the bounds of the array
CMS-XML Javascript code is displayed on form when PA is deployed from SBM 11.2 Composer and SSM 5.3
This is resolved in SBM 11.2 Hotfix 3 - this is a full Composer installation and available here - index ?page=content&id=P2795
CMS-XML RLC: Task Template submit fails with error: SOAP Fault String: String index out of range: -1
This is actually a defect with the process app import functionality in SBM 11.2 and 11.3. Composer is removing the "Include Item Id" option during the import.
CMS-XML Collapsing a section from fields privileges causes exception error and crashes Composer
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
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