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CMS-XML "Arithmetic overflow error" in report when calculating a SUM of summation field
If you run a listing report and set up a calculation column to SUM the summation field then it seems to not be ignoring those unassigned fields and gets an "Arithmetic overflow error ". Steps to reproduce are as follows in the sample database: (1) Create three new fields in the Change Request workflow - CODE (single selection field - add 3 codes), TIMESPENT (numeric) and then SUMMATION (Summation field on TIMESPENT).
CMS-XML Summary reports are incorrect for calculation fields when use precision and locale that has comma separator
(2) Submit some items using decimal precision e.g. 5.5 and 2.2 (3) Create a simple summary report and in additional options create a column that sums fields in (1) (4) Run report and all ok with locale English variety
CMS-XML Negative values in calculated fields are incorrect for listing reports
On a listing report if you have a calculated column which results in a negative value then the number of days is missing. Example: If a positive value e.g. "NOW minus submitdate" then the calculated column is correct but if the reverse is done e.g. "submitdate minu NOW" then the days are missing and the "-" sign is on both hours and minutes.
CMS-XML CMNBAT40 calculating package aging using incorrect value
It does not appear to be global admin or any other application admin. When running this here we always receive a value of ‘1’ in the ‘AGING IN DAYS’ column and this was the consistent value across global and many application admin definitions prior to changing it to a higher number. And this also appears to have been used to calculate the list of packages to be archived.
CMS-XML Database exception in CReportExecSummary using SQL : ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined
If SBM Items contain a single relational field and you run a Summary report against them using the Item 'Submit Date' as a ' Column of Calculation ' in the Additional Options you will get the following error message in the UI : An error occurred while processing the last request. The error was:
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.x: DBI4502373E [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'delta_version'.
DBI0004538E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred DBI4502373E [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'delta_version'. Error : Failed to calculate file version for type UID 4764249 and library filename filename-4766080
HTML Serena TeamTrack 6.6.1 Readme
6.0 Known Issues Results for Date/Time fields displayed in columns of calculations for Listing reports may display incorrectly when the calculation includes a Date/Time keyword and the Date/Time field is set to calculate days. For example, results may incorrectly display in hhhh:mm:ss format instead of dd hh:mm format.
CMS-XML Report calculations not working with Date fields
From 11.3 onwards, some users are reporting issues with column calculations in reports where Date fields are involved. As an example "now" - <a date-only field> will display Error instead of the result.
CMS-XML Exception when a report using sorting by a calculated field is requeried
2. Add two calculated fields to be displayed as columns , add sorting by these fields ... Error processing tag SHOWREPORT in template 'reports/list' (or an included template).
CMS-XML Audit BETA V520/Pkg16 - Incorrect component stats
The ECPT1406 subroutine (see page 15 on the attached report) shows up in the staging column only (even though it exists in baseline) but the stats for it (size, link date and SETSSI) are the baseline stats - not the staging stats: ... *Component Analysis Type ===> Statically Link-Edited Called Subroutine (LOD) *
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