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CMS-XML : when upgrading a database in, getting the error "MDHVRS3202117E: Data duplication in name store"
Dimensions CM
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.4: "Error: Unexpected end of data for COPY command" - generated when migrating a Dimensions schema from Oracle to PostgreSQL
The schema had previously been upgraded successfully to 14.4 whilst in the Oracle database. There were no errors performing the initial dump of the data.
CMS-XML Since upgrade to 11+ an orchestration that copies to SimpleContentValue directly [to the "text()" destination] gives error in Common log ..Couldn't create node ...No results for expression..
Since the upgrade of SBM to 11+ you may be not b able to run an orchestration due to a fault in a Calculate step which is supposed to assign a text value to a String field in the Working Data . i.e. Copying to SimpleContentValue directly [i.e. to the "text()" destination] doesn't work with 11+ and you will get errors similar to the below in the Common Log.
CMS-XML Orchestrations seem to are blocking each other since upgrade to from 2008 R2 to 2009 R1
2. There are about 20 calculate steps copying values out of each component into working data variables. 3. The last calculate step then concatenates all these working data variables in a big string and calls AE webservice UpdateItem.
CMS-XML Dim14: Installation: Upgrade: SSO: Gatekeeper-core-config.xml file has duplicate entries
Dimensions CM 14.3.3
CMS-XML DIM CM: Irrelevant errors in desktop client when opening not VRS upgraded stream using client 12.2.2 and DM_PRODUCT_USER set
Steps to Reproduce : 1. Need at least one stream not upgraded using VRS upgrade
CMS-XML Dim CM: Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'BASEDB.vrs_1_3_arc_latest'. The duplicate key value is (4766017, 6989651).
The following errors were generated when attempting to upgrade a Dimensions schema to 14.5.1:
CMS-XML CM 14.3: Windows explorer no longer functioning after upgrade to 14.3
But that failed with DLL failed to load. 2. What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Install 14.2.x client with all the client options
CMS-XML CM: VRS Upgrade of Baseline is Failing
Each 14.x non-revised baseline writes a unique top-part relationship that it "owns". The baseline upgrade code assumes there will be at most one such relationship (they did not exist in the same form in 12.x) and reuses it. Consequently, the duplicates are not eliminated and the 14.x baseline is written with duplicated top-part relationships
CMS-XML Dim14: FI: Warning fetching files since upgrading to 14: Get Item - ACL4503940E Failed to copy file
Warning: Failed to copy file "sr-02.c" (version "2") from item library "H:/ cm /itemlib/pc" on network node WIN-DIMCM12:671 into the PLCD file "C:\Users\dmsys\Serena\Cache\2051BAF95F2C798B454519B911A1161F\PlcdStageArea\1507266710_2" (-1).
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