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CMS-XML Enabling TTRecorder while using Client Certificate Authentication breaks SmartCard login
In certain cases, SmartCard login may fail with a 403 error if TTRecorder is enabled using Exchange Web services.
CMS-XML DimCM: SSO: When using the SBM SSO Server with SmartCard authentication and Dimensions CM, users are unable to log into the Clients and AdminConsole
When using SBM SSO Server with SmartCard authentication and Dimensions CM, the following error may occur showing the SBM Logo Page:
CMS-XML VIDEO: How to setup CAC / Smart Card client certificate authentication
The following document talks about setting up CAC / Smart Card client certificate authentication in a basic scenario. Attached are videos to document the process along with helpful tips for troubleshooting. In the videos I use a client side certificate (that I've also attached to this document) if you want to go through the exact same steps.
CMS-XML IIS 8.x rejects client certificates (or Smart Card) with 403.7 or 403.16 error (Login page gives "Transport error: 403 Error: Forbidden")
Changes in IIS 8.x can cause 403.7 or 403.16 client certificate errors that did not exist in the IIS 7.x setup.
CMS-XML Using Chrome with Smart Card authentication enabled you don't get prompted for a client certificate after the first try.
If you still see chrome.exe * processes running choose to end task. Once they are all removed open Chrome and go to the login screen again and click the Smart Card Login button.
CMS-XML Can the Version Manager desktop client use Smart Card SSO (CAC login) through an RDP session?
If Version Manager is installed on a remote system that users RDP into, can the VM desktop client access the Smart Card that is insert in the end-user's PC (the RDP client )?
CMS-XML Version Manager desktop client has grayed out Smart Card Login button on the SSO Login dialog (CAC login)
This is important when using an SCC based IDE on a 64-bit operating system, as SCC has to use 32-bit libraries whereas the Destop Client and RIDE (Rich IDE) based IDEs need 64-bit libraries. Using library32 and library64 lets you specify a library for each CPU architecture.
CMS-XML SmartCard (CAC) authentication from VM desktop clients to an SBM SSO server breaks after upgrading to SBM 11.4
In an environment where SBM's SSO server is used to perform CAC authentication for both SBM and PVCS Version Manager, users of the VM Desktop Client can no longer login via CAC after upgrading to SBM 11.4. Username + password authentication using SSO still work, but l ogin attempts via CAC throws the following error on the VM client side:
CMS-XML VM 8.5.0 - 8.5.2: SSO login does not work when using SmartCard Login button (CAC login) from the VM I-Net web client
When a user of VM I-Net presses the SmartCard Login button (CAC login) to login to a Version Manager Project Database that is configured to use a Version Manager SSO server, that login attempt fails with the error: Untrusted endorsing credentials.
CMS-XML Smart Card Login from Desktop Client GUI shows wrong username if the CAC user is not in the Access Control Database
Smart Card Login from Desktop Client GUI shows wrong username if the CAC user is not in the Access Control Database
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