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CMS-XML Triggers compiled using 12.1 DTK no longer work... causes client to hang
1. Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario? I cannot get a sample triger working ... Stopped server listener ... Login to Desktop client - actioned a request - hangs... ... Client hangs
CMS-XML Click "ALERT: A57" for Java 1.7.x updates solutions for Serena web clients using the Java plug-in may randomly stop working after 14 January 2014.
Due to security enhancements that have been added to Java 7 as of update 25, the release of a new JRE on Oracle's website will automatically block certain features in the older versions of Java plug-ins that may be installed on your system. These blocked features will prevent the web client of certain Serena products from working , such as Dimensions CM and PVCS Version Manager. If you are using Dimensions CM, please see Knowledgebase Solution S140201
CMS-XML VM desktop client GUI could hang on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 while working with File Server Project DataBases
VM desktop client GUI could hang on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 while working with File Server Project DataBases
CMS-XML DimCM14: Web Client: Web Client hangs or freezes when user clicks any icon if work area is set to explicit path on user's desktop
User logs on to Dimensions CM 14 Web Client successfully, then clicks any tab or icon, and at that point Web Client hangs . User must kill browser process in Task Manager to close the browser window. This happens if user sets work area location as an explicit folder path on the local desktop.
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.3.3: Downloaded client installation is not able to stop the running Desktop Client
During the installation you are informed that the running Desktop Client needs to be stopped. There is an option to automatically close it down but this doesn't work . The popup appears twice and on both occasions the installer was not able to stop the client.
CMS-XML Problem: #1063 Interface from Microsoft C++ to Version Manager stops working
Installing a software product after installing the MSVC - PVCS interface may cause the interface to stop working. What probably happened was that the customer installed something that replaced their ctl3d32.dll.
CMS-XML TSAPI: some methods to update numeric fields stopped working since SBM 11.3
Customers have noticed that older TSAPI code does not work anymore after upgrading to SBM 11.3 and later. In particular, updating numeric values of record fields via TSField.intValue does not work; the fields are updated with zero values.
CMS-XML IOO V3.1.3 stopped working shortly after IPL and STC startup
Customers Comments after speaking with Serena Support Group:
CMS-XML Notifications stop working due to UUU (Unicode Upgrade Utility) accidentally being performed on 6.6.x database.
If this happens, for the notification issues, and any other potential issues that may occur, it is critical that the customer get the data types back to varchar and text. This can be done by creating a new blank database, and using the 6.6.x admin tool's copy wizard to copy the database into the new blank database, then reset the ODBC connection and IIS to start using this new database, and only leaving the old database active for historical purposes in case anything was missed during the copy process.
CMS-XML Notifications with transitions have stopped working
The maximum value that can be set for the above property is 1000. Should the customer have more than 1000 legitimate events with TS_DELAYED=1 then please increase the dueDate process number as per below. In the file \Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\notificationsrv.war\WEB-INF\classes\ns_default_config.xml
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