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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to save temporary log files generated when using Dimensions commandline utility?
The first option is editing the Dimension configuration file (pcms.cfg) and comment out the PCMS_DELETE parameter. Therefore preventing the operation from cleaning up after running. Please be advised that commenting the above parameter will apply system wide and you may need to continuously monitor and clear the temporary folder locations defined on the server and the client you are issuing the command from.
CMS-XML "reportimages" directory not getting cleared out and "Error trying to delete" messages in Application Event Viewer log
Resource Msg Id = IDS_ERR_RECYCLE_FILE Error 2 trying to delete [C:\Program Files \Micro Focus\SBM\Application Engine\reportimages/report_data_8_2.xml]. Log message occurred in file:
CMS-XML How to change the log level in Mover and where to find the log file ?
At the "Log Setup" pop up window, identify the log modules from the list which you wish to change the log level, and change to your expected level. If you are not clear which modules should choose and which level is proper for the issue is happening, please ask Serena support team for advice. The default log level is "informational", a good habit is to always remember to change back to this default level after troubleshooting to avoid unnecessary resource cost on your server.
CMS-XML DA: Getting ehcache errors about expired entries in the log file frequently
The above error is caused by two different java routines attempting to clear the same entry from the cache. By this time, the entry is no longer needed, therefore this error message can be safely ignored.
CMS-XML DA: After startup Tomcat catalina log file contains errors like: Invalid URL found in class path
4) Before we restart Tomcat, we need to make some other changes 5) Clear out the Tomcat logs common/tomcat/8.5/ logs 6) Clear out the DA logs: /var/log
CMS-XML 11.2.3 : User password 'd not be displayed in clear in rtmBrowser.log
When reading the RM log file (rtmBrowser. log ), user passwords can be read from log file when a specific function is called:
CMS-XML In ttmail.log file: Record %ld, in Table %ld could not be found
Unfortunately there is no clear way to determine which field is being referenced nor the name of the notification being sent.
CMS-XML SBM: Active Diagnostics MongoDB is using too much disk space, and the "Collect Logs" zip file is too large
If the "Empty Logs " button does not clear enough space, you can re-initialize the logs back to their original size. The steps for this are in KB S141003 .
CMS-XML SBM: About the "Clear History" feature used to schedule Common Log cleanup (Delete Common Logger)
SELECT PROPERTY_ID FROM OR_PROPERTY_MAP WHERE ASSETVERSION_ID in /* Find the latest Environment Asset version ID */
CMS-XML How to find oracle log file
How to find oracle log file
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