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CMS-XML DA: Two methods to clear the DA DB cache to try and resolve performance issues in the GUI
If you are having performance issues in the DA GUI clearing the DB cache is often a way to alleviate the situation.
CMS-XML DIM10: Desktop Client: Working branch setting is cached
Dimensions 10.1.2 Desktop Client Problem Description:
CMS-XML VM throws GPF (CLI) or UnknownException Error (GUI/PCLI/I-Net) if the File Server client cache directory is not writeable
CLI and DTK throw a General Protection Fault (referenced memory at "0x00000000"), and the Desktop client , PCLI and the web client server throw an error similar to: UnknownException at line 686 in WIN32/Tip/src/ProjectFileAPI.cpp. This problem was caused by poor handling of the case where the File Server Client Cache directory is an invalid location, which includes the directory not being writable.
CMS-XML VM 6.5: 63803: Versioned File Cache Settings.
Version Manager 6.5 gives the user the ability to control how many files will be displayed on the right side of the GUI .
CMS-XML Dim14: Desktop: Where is stored the setting for "Enable Personal Library Cache" option ?
In the preferences of the Desktop Client , it is possible to enable/disable Personal Library Cache . Where this setting is stored ?
CMS-XML DM stream utility does not cache user credentials when using the --user option
When logging into the dm utility using the GUI login the user's credentials are saved for future commands during that session. When running the DM stream utility with the --user and --password option the user's credentials are not saved for future sessions. It is expected that using the command line options should work the same as the GUI login.
CMS-XML Vm - PC Anywhere does not refresh Version Manager GUI
Why does Symantec PC Anywhere not correctly refresh Version Manager screen? PC Anywhere has a problem handling Java applications that use video caching . Workround:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Page fault error - PC Client will not start.
Page fault error - PC Client will not start The problem may be caused when the PC Client Cache limit is set to 0. When this limit is restored to the default of 1000 you will be able to start the Client without the page fault error.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Desktop Client (pcwin.exe) crash when the user attemping to add item
1. In the Administration Console, go to Upload Rules/Dimensions Clients/Default Project. 2. Add one exclude rule for %temp% and one for % cache %. 3. Fire up the Dimensions PC-Client and add a new item (e.g. main.c).
CMS-XML VM: After changing File Server URL, Desktop Client GUI shows: Pathmap "ClientName" conflicts with pathmap "ClientName" on deleted server.
When a VM File Server client connects to a File Server, it creates a cache table containing the Client Name paths of each Path Map to determine which paths should be sent to this server.
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