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CMS-XML MCLG: How to change the HTTP port used by Tomcat to run Collage
By default, Collage uses Tomcat as its HTTP server and web application server. The Collage installation will prompt for the HTTP port to use. This document explains how to modify the HTTP port after the installation is completed.
CMS-XML 12.x /14.x / Linux : after changing tomcat port from 8080 to 80, got the error "Permission denied" in tomcat log
12.x /14.x / Linux : after changing tomcat port from 8080 to 80, got the error "Permission denied" in tomcat log
CMS-XML SRA: Tomcat: How can we change the Tomcat port for Serena Release Automation?
1. Locate the server.xml under the $ TOMCAT \conf directory.
CMS-XML (VM Server 6.7.10 or later) Address in use: JVM_Bind - or How to change a Tomcat port
at org.apache. tomcat .net.DefaultServerSocketFactory.createSocket(DefaultServerS
CMS-XML Using Version Manager with a custom SSL certificate - How to change the SSL certificate used to access Tomcat via HTTPS
As of VM, the Tomcat application engine running the Serena VM Web Application Server comes preconfigured with an SSL certificate on port 8443. While this port can be used for HTTPS access, the web browsers running the VM I-Net Web Clients will complain about the certificate because it was created for a different URL ("https://localhost") and is self-signed.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to change Web Client port setting from the default port of 8080
Dimensions 9.1.x <$DM_ROOT>\webtools\ tomcat \conf\server.xml Dimensions 8.x <$DM_ROOT>\DimInet\jakarta- tomcat \conf\server.xml Dimensions 7.1.x <$PCMS_ROOT>\DimINet\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\conf\server.xml
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Changed sdp port from 671, Command Center - Cannot login due to system error
On the Tomcat server, you need to modify the following file: $DM_ROOT\Serena\Dimensions 10.1\Common Tools\ tomcat \5.5\webapps\jetspeed\WEB-INF\conf\
CMS-XML How to resolve Tomcat port conflicts when VM I-Net and/or Dimensions I-Net and/or Collage and/or Mover are installed on the same server
General Information Any or all of these installs can be modified to resolve these port conflicts. After the changes are made, stop and start the appropriate service(s) to finalize the changes .
CMS-XML DIM10: What files must be modified if port 671 is not available for the SDP connector in Dimensions 10.x?
The follwoing web.xml files must be modified for all web based interfaces. %DM_ROOT%\Common Tools\ tomcat \5.5\webapps\adminconsole\WEB-INF\web.xml %DM_ROOT%\Common Tools\tomcat\5.5\webapps\\dimensions\WEB-INF\web.xml
CMS-XML "Connecting to backend failed. Tomcat is probably not started or is listening on the wrong port " error in isapi_redirect.log file
If you are using the VIP name for the server in Configurator then try changing it to the “local server name” and then Apply and restart the services.
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