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CMS-XML Out of Office delegation changes item owner back to the original user
Out of Office delegation changes item owner back to the original user
CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : how to change the owner of an item ?
If a user created an item , it is in his inbox. If he now leaves the project, how to assign another user as owner ?
CMS-XML Data added or changed on Bind Owner "Target" field, is appended to "Insert" field.
Data added or changed on Bind Owner "Target" field, is appended to "Insert" field.
CMS-XML Notification escalation event is not updated when owner changes
When an item changes owner , the notification escalation event is not being changed to notify the new owner ; the old owner still recieves the escalation e-mails.
CMS-XML Dim10: Wrong history on item format changes
When you change an item's type/format (ex SRC to DOC), the history doesn't correctly reflect the user who changed it. Instead, it displays the owner of the file.
CMS-XML Secondary owner not cleared from items after removing the secondary owner from the state
If you change a workflow and remove the secondary owner from the state this does not remove it from existing items until they are updated. The implication of this if you were a secondary owner prior to this workflow change then the items will continue to appear on your "All items I own". Steps to Reproduce:
CMS-XML Making a change to the title makes the experts disappear fromthe Social IT widget until the owner changes
To reproduce as follows: (1) Find an item which has experts defined on it. (2) Update the item (not changing the owner) and add something to the title.
CMS-XML Every time an item is updated, the owner value is removed
Deploy the changes . NOTE: For complete details on how to setup ownership (primary and secondary), open the help in Composer and search for "owner" or "ownership".
CMS-XML Performance poor after upgrade to SBM when large numbers of secondary owners on items
(2) The second part to this is to, if appropriate, change the following setting in Mashup Composer on the Seconday Owner field in the primary table. Change the "selection mode" from "individual users" to "groups & users". This will not unroll all the groups to users in the secondary owner field greatly reducing the number of rows in the TS_MULTIUSERUSAGES tables.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to change the owning design part for an item.
the ownership because if you were allowed to do so you could not recreate the baseline. If one or more items have been inadvertently created against the wrong design part, all revisions of that item,
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