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CMS-XML Text sizes change for Text field on custom form using Styles based on typing into the field or focused on another field
Create a custom form and add a Text field to it. Then create a custom Style for the text field in Composer and make sure to change the Font and adjust the Size of the font to be larger than 10. After the process app is deployed, login to User Workspace, navigate to your process app custom form and start typing into the Text field. Notice how the Font and Font Size is using the default set in Composer prior to the custom changes made.
CMS-XML Field title size changes on forms do not show on user interface
For example, if you create a text field called "This is a very long field name and I want to shorten it on the form", then place that new field on my form - it causes all fields to be pushed over to the right and leaves a large blank space on the left of the form. Suppose you want to shorten the field title so that it takes up 2 or 3 lines rather than a single line.
CMS-XML Memo field size in custom forms is being reset on check-out
User changes the height of a memo field in a transition custom form from default to an X value. User deploys the form and on run-time the memo field is X pixels high as expected. However when user checks out the form again on Composer, the height of the said memo field gets reset to default, so on the next deploy if user is not aware of it, the height of the field on the run-time will change as well.
CMS-XML Field overrides affect listbox sizes
If a multi group field is set up as a listbox with list size other than default of 5, when the this field is overridden in Composer on a transition and then deployed, on AE the list size is reset to the default of 5, thus overriding the intended non-default list size , as set out in the underlying table. This makes it impossible for users to change the list size and override the field on the transition via the supported ... PROPERTIES.TS_MULTISELECTSIZE for the field and the particular transition.
CMS-XML Hotw to Increase SBM’s Journal/Memo field single entry max size from 64K to larger value
On the SBM Application Server, open the registry editor. Add a new registry key setting in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamShare\TeamTrack called 'MaximumMemoSize' with type DWORD, which can be used to change to maximum upper limit in bytes. The minimum size for 'MaximumMemoSize' is 65535 (default) and the maximum is 262143.
CMS-XML Unable to set text style and size on Field Labels at deploy
If the ProcessApp is then opened in Composer and the settings changed manually, then a re-deploy will resolve the issue. A re-deploy from Composer without any modification may also resolve the problem in or 11.0.
CMS-XML SSM: Approving a Change Proposal gives error: 'Impact Analysis Report Data' Field in PROP_XXXX was XXXX characters too long.
'Impact Analysis Report Data' is a memo field that is part of the Changes table. By default, memo fields have a maximum size of 65535 bytes. This size can be increased to an upper limit of 262143 by following these steps:
CMS-XML List box size setting is overriden for multi-select fields after each deploy from Composer
However, when deselecting the override in Composer, deploying the changes , and setting the override again (for any reason) the list box size reverts back to a single box. The result is that any time a field is overridden, the list box value reverts back to 5. While you are allowed to override this in Application Administrator, the feature does not work in SBM Composer.
CMS-XML Field Name changes not applied to ISPF-ERO
Although the fields share the same name, the ‘Work Request’ and ‘Department’ fields specified for ERO releases are not the same as those used in ZMF packages. The release data fields reside in different physical records and are actually sized differently to their package data counterparts. Currently the ‘Field Name’ overrides should apply to package data only so the ISPF interface is actually working in the correct manner here.
CMS-XML Multi_relational field size not keeping value set in Composer when the field has an override in the web admin
Multi_relational field size not keeping value set in Composer when the field has an override in the web admin This requires you to have to edit the field in the web admin and set the field size anywhere there is an override.
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