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CMS-XML Changing Memo Field to Fixed Length Causes Inability to Deploy
If you have a memo field in a Mashup that has previously been deployed, then later change that memo field to a fixed length field, you will not be able to deploy the Mashup. Workaround: Change the field back to Memo, then you should be able to deploy.
CMS-XML Number field values show up wrong in Web interface
This causes problems with the storing of data in this field because the data type of the database field cannot be changed once the field has been created. In the web interface, a numeric field that was changed from Integer style to Floating Point or Fixed Precision will only store the integer portion of the entered number , but it will display the number with decimal places filled with zeros. The ability to make this change in Composer is erroneous; it should not allow this change to happen once the field has been deployed.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF111076: Issue Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: Get error: InternalSuperQuery::addOrder failed to find attribute map entry in admschema.xml for Class:4 attr_no:-301
Then click on column labled "TYPE" or "Stage ID" to attempt to sort on these columns. Each will give the error message though the attribute number will change .
CMS-XML Software Error: #396 "Cannot perform action on archive..." Access list does not work. (Fixed in VM 5.2.06)
Changing the NEW ARCHIVES ACCESS LIST field will not alter archives which have already been created. Archives which have already been created must be modified using the ACTIONS - CHANGE ATTRIBUTES screen.
CMS-XML Cannot select Change or Modify after changing the Field Specification in a report
TeamTrack 6.5.0 Patch
CMS-XML Rich-Text Editor: Browser-based edits not stored in the field automatically
SBM 11.8 Patch 1
CMS-XML Unable to add Fields via Remote Admin unless 1 field is checked in Edit section
TeamTrack 6.5.0 Patch
CMS-XML Dependency is not honored for multi-user fields when the independent (parent) field value changes
SBM 11.8 Patch 1
CMS-XML Unix only - Since Upgrade to 6.6 transitions do not work if a multi-value field has a transition override which changes its value
TeamTrack 6.6.0 Patch
CMS-XML When the full COMPLEX/SUPER package name is specified on the CMNLIST0 panel, the TYPE field changes from UP/PE to PL/TE
ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
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