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CMS-XML RC=24 encountered when using auto resolve in ERO area audit with OBJ lib types.
ERR0328! (OBJECT HAS A MORE RECENT DATE THAN EXECUTABLE IN BASELINE) • Resubmit the audit with auto- resolve on • The recompile job encounters a RC=24
CMS-XML ERO: Area audit auto resolve submitting recompile requests for wrong library types
A problem exists in CMN ZMF 5.6 whereby the recompile jobs submitted by area audit auto resolve are using the wrong component type .
CMS-XML CMS: Type Field is Locked from editing
Please contact support for how to resolve this.
CMS-XML Dim10: ALERT for Dimensions 10.1.1 (Issue resolved in 10.1.1#1 and later releases)
In certain circumstances where the same filename is used in multiple products or multiple item types , there is a risk of corruption of the item libraries. Issue found in Release: 10.1.1
CMS-XML Operation cannot be completed because type library 'Type Library' cannot be checked out.
This problem can be resolved by opening Application Administrator (Mashup Manager) and selecting the desired environment. Highlight the application and click on "Get application from application engine". This will put a fresh copy of that application in the repository from the runtime environment.
CMS-XML Mariner hang when one user doing the type system change.
Recycling the Application Pool resolves the issue.
CMS-XML Cannot type a semaphore directory in Configure Project
This issue has been resolved as of VM 8.4.5.
CMS-XML KM-Dim14: Cannot create request with empty summary/acceptance criteria when request type maps this to a CM attribute
This issue is resolved in CM 14.4
CMS-XML DIM CM: PostgreSQL users hit ERROR: type "lo" does not exist at character 223
Resolve this using the following SQL : alter extension lo set schema public; It is possible to hit the situation where the extension has been installed, but it is not configured for public access.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: DEF82166 Fixed in Dimensions 9.1.3 Patch: visual studio starts as editor when item type editor set to default as notepad in the pc client
When editing or browsing a .cs or .vb file from desktop client with editor set as default which is notepad, Visual studio starts and fails to open the file. Subsequently changing the editor to VS will not resolve the issue.
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