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CMS-XML Unable to cancel "Waiting" activity in App Repository
Unable to cancel "Waiting" activity in App Repository
CMS-XML MCLG: How to delete/cancel a deploy activity that is hanging and starts over when Collage is restarted.
If a deploy is taking a long time, or is hanging, or was started by mistake, you may need to cancel that deploy. Sometimes, deploys will stay in the "Currently Running Activities" screen even after you try to delete them. In addition, Collage remembers which deploys have run, and if a deploy has not finished, it will automatically restart that deploy when you stop and start Collage.
CMS-XML Application Repository - Cancel a scheduled Deploy with “Terminate Activities Forcefully” option does not Cancel the Deploy
When canceling a Scheduled Deploy do NOT use the “Terminate Activities Forcefully” option
CMS-XML SBM: When activities are stuck in CANCEL_SENT status, the delete icon is missing
Sometimes when you cancel an activity in the Repository (such as a deploy or snapshot), the activity will become stuck with a status of CANCEL _SENT. The stuck activity will not harm future activities, but it does look strange. You may want to delete the activity, but the delete icon (the garbage can icon) is missing.
CMS-XML "Cancel Selected" does not work for the Get snapshot
3. Quickly go to the Activities view and select check-boxes for the activity . It should be in the Running status.
CMS-XML Right-click menu does not match buttons for activities
The right-click menu does not show " Cancel " and/or "Delete" grayed out to match the buttons at the top of the list of activities for the selected activity .
CMS-XML How to clear an Application Repository activity that is hung in a Waiting status
Attempting to cancel or delete the jobs stuck in Waiting doesn't do anything and requires you to run an update query against the Application Repository database. In the Application Repository database look in the QRTZ_ACTIVITY table. Identify the row in question and change the Status column to 2. (For example, if the row has a TS_ID of 5, you can run this statement: UPDATE QRTZ_ACTIVITY SET STATUS = 2 WHERE TS_ID = 5)
CMS-XML Purging the audit log history impossible to cancel permanently on SQL Server and can cause deadlocks with Oracle - java.exe CPU 100% even after restarting
If you purge an audit log in application administrator and then decide to cancel it then the purge activity keeps restarting itself (Stopping JBOSS and rebooting server makes no difference). Contact Support for information on how to stop this activity permanently.
CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: CCS loses formatting, LDAP projects sometimes give "activity not started"
Double click the file. After reading the welcome message, click Continue. After reading the disclaimer, click "Accept" to continue unzipping the file or "Refuse" to cancel .
CMS-XML 'Cancel' transition does not behave appropriately
' Cancel ' transition does not behave appropriately
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