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CMS-XML "WSDoAllReceiver: The timestamp could not be validated" error on login, or deploy log in composer
Make sure that the SSO client and the SSO server have their time stamps set to within 1 minute of each other to resolve this issue. If the systems are configured for different time zones, make sure each system has the correct time according to the time zone it is in (the UTC times need to match).
CMS-XML Unable to select whether or not to verify endpoints on deploy from Composer
When deploying from Application Repository, there is an option labeled "Verify endpoints" that can be set in the deploy dialogue box, but that option does not exist when deploying from Composer and it uses whatever you had set the last time you deployed from Application Repository. If that option needs to be changed, a deploy from Application Repository must be performed to change the option.
CMS-XML Binary/Trinary fields cannot be set to "Required". Form Action "make field required/optional" does not list binary fields. Deploy fails with "failed to validate and cannot be deployed" after an upgrade
Setting them to required or optional does not change the funcationality of the form. They will alway have a value and will always satisfy the requirement rule. It does not make sense for a setting or Form Action to verify if it is blank/empty.
CMS-XML Dim10: Could not backup previous deployment of adminconsole and dimensions web client error occurs during upgrade to latest Dimensions patch
Verify the value of these keys and insure that they are set to the correct paths. These keys should have values similar to the following:
CMS-XML Validate Deployment Task button does not verify that Deployment Units are linked
This task creates the item. Obviously, you cannot attach an item that does not exist yet.
CMS-XML DA: After upgrade to DA 6.3.3 we cannot see options for Execution or Deployment History Cleanup
We checked the About and the version of DA is showing 6.3.3. How can we get this feature?
CMS-XML Edit deployment task does not validate scheduled date
Failed. Reason: RA request not successful: 500 Internal Server Error. Reason: Cannot schedule a process to run before the current time.
CMS-XML Cannot deploy Orchestration - [ERROR] META-INF/bpel-definition.xml could not read wsdl document
....... Validating destination environment... INFO -- Environment is valid.
CMS-XML When deploying a process app with a reference to another one, the relational fields sometimes fail to be created - We could not locate all of the data needed to perform your request
To resolve this you need to identify the fields that were not created and check the TU_FIELDS tables for these. Remove the TU_FIELDS entries for missing fields and then deploy the Process App again.
CMS-XML Dim12.x: Deployment: Unable connect to database + Failed to lock database + Failed to connect to database
2013/02/11 09:03:00 UTC 542.379 T T885561088 DDeployServiceManager::startDeploymentServices: Failed to connect to any databases configured in DM_ROOT/dfs/deploy_config.dat. 2013/02/11 09:03:00 UTC 542.379 T T885561088 DDeployServiceManager::startDeploymentServices: Please check the corresponding data in DM_ROOT/dfs/deploy_config.dat.
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