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CMS-XML When multiple LDAP servers are configured, SBM always tries to authenticate with the first LDAP server first even if the first LDAP server is not available.
Although it is possible to configure multiple LDAP servers in SBM, to avoid the time required for authentication increases when the first LDAP server is not available, failover capability of LDAP server should be configured in LDAP server side.
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Change Password functionality not disabled when login source is LDAP
A defect has been submitted to address this issue. Workaround: Avoid using the "Change Password" feature from LDAP -based Project Databases.
CMS-XML How to ignore erroneous SSL with LDAP errors when certificate appears correct. (Certificate common name does not match the host )
This came from dev. To avoid the situation when old certificates might not be accepted after WinLDAP adoption by SBM, the mechanism to ignore specific certificate validation errors is provided. Comma-separated list of errors-to-ignore should be put into registry string value HKLM\SOFTWARE\TeamShare\TeamTrack\IgnoreLDAPCertificateErrors
CMS-XML VM I-Net server may lock up with Resource Locked by Session errors when using LDAP login with referrals
Users of older releases may want to avoid using the Follow Referrals options if the LDAP servers being referred to are not reliably available.
CMS-XML PVCS VM: You cannot access this project because the LDAP User DN or Password is incorrect, or the Server cannot be reached as specified.
Try to avoid using an LDAP bind account that has an expiring password. When that password expires, or when it is changed, all users of the project will be locked out because Version Manager is no longer permitted to bind to the LDAP server. End-user passwords are permitted to expire, but the password on the account that is used to query the LDAP server should never expire, unless you intend to update all VM LDAP configuration files every time the bind password changes.
CMS-XML Dimensions authentication via SBM SSO should not consume SBM license
Dimensions authentication via SBM SSO should not consume SBM license This scenario can be avoided by using 'SSO LDAP ' authentication instead of Windows Authentication(SSO).
CMS-XML After making changes using Configure Project, opening the Project Database shows error referring to a non-existent LDAPINFOFILE
To resolve the problem, open the configuration file mentioned in the error message and remove the LDAPINFOFILE directive on the line that is indicated. To avoid introducing the problem on affected VM releases, do not access the LDAP screen from Configure Project for a Project Database that is not using LDAP , unless you intend to add LDAP configuration data. To avoid the problem altogether, upgrade to VM 8.4.3 or newer.
CMS-XML Looping login on Portfolio Edge 2.1
It is generally recommended that computer names be under 15 characters for convenience and compatibly with NetBIOS and WINS. The computer name can use a mix of letters and numbers, but you should avoid hyphens, underscores, or using all numeric characters.If you are running TCP/IP, you can technically use up to 63 characters for the DNS name, but if you have a large and deep Active Directory structure with several sub-domains, you can run out of spaces quickly.
What is LDAP ?
CMS-XML LDAP Authentication provider format
LDAP Authentication provider format
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