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CMS-XML Privileges for selected user in Application Repository, save button is saving to all users
CMS-XML Update All Checked button available on listing reports even if user does not have the Mass Update privilege
SBM 11.5
CMS-XML "Update All Checked" button will appear even when user does not have the "Mass Update Items" privilege
This is an intentional change introduced in SBM 10.1.2. Despite the "Update All Checked" button appearing in the report users will not be able to run any mass updates for the projects/sub-projects in which they are not privileged to do so.
CMS-XML SBM: How does "Restrict by Role" work with the "Transition All Items" privilege?
As every state form renders, it looks at the user's privileges and each transition to determine if a button will be available for that transition. The steps for this are:
CMS-XML After upgrade to SBM, transition button images appear to be cut off or look justified wrong
CMS-XML SBM: Anonymous submit screen is blank except for OK and Cancel buttons
The anonymous submit screen is completely empty with nothing on it except the OK and Cancel buttons .
CMS-XML Auxiliary table does not appear in Manage Auxiliary Data in SBM 10.1 or newer
If an administrator goes to Manage Auxiliary Data in the Application Administrator either through the Manage Data link in the user workspace or directly through the Auxiliary Data button in the Application Administrator and an auxiliary table does not appear in the list of tables even though the user has administrative privileges for the particular table, it could be due to there not being a role in Composer with privileges for that auxiliary table
CMS-XML Unable to delete SLA item. No "Delete" button.
Administrators with the "Manage SLA Items" privilege cannot delete entries in the SLA Items Panel in SBM Application Administrator. Application Administrator | Work Center | Work Center Settings | SLA Items Panel The scroll bars and Delete button do not appear.
CMS-XML SBM: How to modify the user email template for emails from an item (Send Email button)
When you send an email to a user from an SBM item, the default email is formatted using an email template file. See also S142342 for other examples of editing the user email template for sending emails from an item.
CMS-XML How to customize the header portion of an SBM State form to hide the project name, item id, buttons or actions menu.
You may want to hide certain portions of the header section in an SBM State form. These may include the navigation links, project name and item id, the transition buttons or the actions drop down or a combination of them. The following doc talks about how to accomplish this.
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