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CMS-XML Dim10: Build stopped working
Dim10: Build stopped working
CMS-XML Triggers compiled using 12.1 DTK no longer work... causes client to hang
I cannot get a sample triger working ... Compiled ErrorMsg event Unicode and MB
CMS-XML Delayed notifications stop working and do not send
Notifications with delays can stop working and not send if there is a delay notification that has a delay condition that uses a field that does not have a value on items. This causes those notification events to not get processed for the delay and they will build up in the database. The default setting for the Notification Server is to process 600 delay notification events per cycle and if there are more than 600 of those stuck delay notification events, the working delay notifications will not get processed and all delay notifications will not be sent.
CMS-XML CB: Upgraded VM 6.0 to 6.6 and the CB scripts stopped working
Add these lines to tools.ini file in the directory that CB is launched from (i.e. the same directory with your build script). If other files with a VCSDIR directive is read make sure that THIS VCSDIR is read last. It may be necassary to place these lines in the build script instead of the tools.ini.
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Remote Build Error - Stopping build due to compile or link error
Serena ChangeMan Builder powered by Openmake(R) V6.3 Build 101504, Copyright 1995-2004 Changing directory to /bscs/build/ref/dev/IF/batcharchitecture/ Current working directory is /bscs/ build /ref/dev/IF/batcharchitecture
CMS-XML build : 10.1.3 fix to select by default clean-up option not working in 12.2
in Dim 12, the jsp wzd_run_bindings.jsp is no longer used for this checking The actual JSP (containing that checkbox used by the admin console run dialog) is now wzd_run_options.jsp. once the jps source updated, it requires to stop /start Tomcat
CMS-XML After upgrade from SBM to SBM 11.1, work center search does not return any new items and gives "The search index is currently building". (missing SSF_IDXTABLEINFO table)
If you are planning an upgrade, then the statements below should be executed AFTER the AE database upgrade has been completed, making sure that Tomcat is stopped .
CMS-XML WD4ZMF BUILD process freezes when using the delivered BUILD ZDDOPTS member.
The BUILD member parsing does not seem to work correctly. A BUILD member was created that does allow the BUILD process to continue, but the OPTIONS from the first <profile> set seem to be used on the JOBCARD screen, and the USER OPTIONS seem to come from the last <profile> set.
CMS-XML Impact analysis build (CMNAS000) hanging/failing to complete
Working through the issue we have identified a specific CPY-CPY relationship that appears to be causing the problem. Removing and renaming associated entries from the DB2 CMNBASE table appears to have no impact on the situation. However, manually editing the 'calling' copybook to remove the reference to the lower level copybook allows the assist to run to normal EOJ.
CMS-XML TT4ZMF: Communication from ZMF to SBM does not work during Freeze/Revert/Approve.
2. From ZMF run "QP" on the package and check the Linked Package URL and verify that it is the correct URL of the SBM server.
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