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CMS-XML / Build => impacted targets not found when /TARGETS symbol is not specified int he BLD command
With a build executed from desktop ... ... generation of the BRD With a build executed in command ... identified by the build but the build doesn’t find all the targets in the build configuration . ... fore quite distinct build plans ... , then when building a particular source ... it's just down to luck whether the right target Uid gets passed to the SCBC BRD generation process. ... To see this you must use dmcli to issue the BLD command and refrain from issuing the /TARGETS qualifier, or use Desktop client in such a way as
CMS-XML URL attachments with pound sign/hash symbol (#) encodes the character and does not change it back when link clicked
When a URL attachment is added for a URL that has a pound sign/hash symbol (#) in it, that special character gets encoded as "%23" and it does not get changed back when the link is clicked. This causes problems for certain URLs where the pound sign/hash symbol character must be present.
CMS-XML DimCM: Build: Error when running Dimensions CM Build in a load balancer / high availability environment.
BLD4208129I Initiating synchronous processing of task 1 PBO4200200I PBO: Build step 1 (target chdm_dev/invoke_build.log) is needed because: no DMDEP_FILENAME symbols found in brd BLD4207100E build communications error on line 997: reportBuildMessagesReturn = -1
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Symbol errno version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference (
Please follow the steps below to resolve the error: ... 2. If this does not work, remove the variable called TWO_TASK from the .bash_profile ... This variable should not be set before the database is created. ... 4. If all this fails, you need patch 3006854 from the Oracle metalink site.
CMS-XML km-dim 10 : build Z/os : Error : Targets specified should be no more than 16383 characters
It seems that we reached the limit of the number of items to build at one time.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Free form text in Build Options is not free form - special chars are not escaped
Build - ACL0004585E Error: Too many parameters Error: Dimensions command not specified correctly You do have the opportunity to edit the command to add in the required escape characters but ideally the tool should be doing this as it does for other commands.
CMS-XML Quick Link name created from SBM Admin cannot be more than 16 characters
A workaround is to create the Quick Link from SBM Admin, create a new folder in the Favorites folder, move the Quick Link to that folder, edit the name there, then move it back into the user's list of Quick Links .
CMS-XML SRA 4.5.1: Component version download link is not able to manage files or directories that contain certain special characters
Go to the relevant Component and click on Versions. Select the imported Version that contains the filename above. Click on the Download link for the filename created above.
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: not building linkedit step correctly for DB2 components
CMS-XML Three character application results in invalid ‘Version’ in //DB2PC step when using audit autoresolve
// COND=(4,LT) When you have a situation where audit autoresolve is used to recompile the same source the DB2 ‘Version’ is incorrect ( no longer has the ‘-‘ between the application and package number): //DB2PC EXEC PGM=DSNHPC, *** DB2 PRECOMPILE COMPONENT DB2TST1
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