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CMS-XML Work Center Settings > SLA Item Panel is blank
After an upgrade, when opening the SLA Item Panel from Application Admin > Work Center > Work Center Settings , the report shows blank when there should be records in there. In some versions of SBM, you may be able to work around this problem by logging in as a user with 'Managed Admin' access, but this does not work with 11.8.
CMS-XML SBM: Work Center Settings page flickers and then turns into a blank page
This defect impacts the Application Administrator > Work Center > Work Center Settings page.
CMS-XML Pre-Transition App Script setting will show a blank Submit Form when adding a new Service Request.
In Request Center when adding a new Service Request, the Submit Form option will be blank if "IF form is invalid, rerun this sctipt" option is set in the Pre-Transition App Script.
CMS-XML Setting Value Display Format for a table causes characters to be missing if field is null or blank.
Set the "Value Display Format" on either a primary table or an aux table to []. If the "Test" field is null or blank on the form the the first bracket ([) is left out of the display. This is just an example, it doesn't matter if it's a bracket but the character just before the empty field won't show in the display even though the character after the empty field will.
CMS-XML Setting a default design part with spaces does not work in Web Client
Setting a default design part with spaces does not work in Web Client
CMS-XML Non US locale setting returns "null.output.Blank2"
Non US locale setting throws "null.output. Blank 2" error in Team | Share and Import Project From Version Manager wizard for Eclipse.
CMS-XML MS Project shows blank Mariner connector drop down
"ISSUE: MS Project shows blank Mariner connector drop down CAUSE: This problem is caused by the macro security settings in MS Project. SOLUTION: If the macro security is set too high, the Mariner connecotor macros will not run correctly after the connector is added.
CMS-XML Request Center appears as blank page in IE
Getting blank page after login to SRC in IE11 even though the compatibility view settings is not activated. It appears to work on other browsers. The browser document mode automatically changed to lower mode after login where it is supposed to be on the "Edge" mode.
CMS-XML Request Center 5.2.2 displays a blank frame instead of the Service Catalog
Deactivate the Internet Explorer compatibility view from Tools>Compatibility View Settings .
CMS-XML Pressing Enter in the Search Box of User Profile Notifications Settings returns user to PA tasks
If you press the Enter key in the Notifications Settings Search Box in the User Profile, when the search box is blank , it returns you to the Task Page of your default application.
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