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CMS-XML Deleting an item that is part of a design baseline
Deleting an item which is part of a design baseline ends in error: Delete Item - COR3200879E Could not find any Project with UID .................. VRS3202020E Revision not found
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Can we delete an item already included in a baseline?
Can we delete an item already included in a baseline? Once an item has been included in a baseline, it cannot be deleted. You can remove it from future baselines with a revised baseline, but it will remain in the orginal baseline. Two options are available at this point .
CMS-XML Items can be deleted from non-VRS baselines in Dimensions CM 14.1.
This impacts projects only and not streams. Items that are removed from streams remain in the Global Project as in previous releases (and in any other streams).
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : RAMA deletes file in item lib shared by 2 baselines
Consider the following - create 2 items : I1#1 and I2#1 - create baseline B1 containing I1#1 + I2#1
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Reported Defect: Unable to delete a revised baseline
1. Create project 2. Add item a.txt 3. Create baseline
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009: Reported Defect: Unable to delete a revised baseline if it was created using a request to rename
1. Create a baseline from a project 2. In the project rename an item against a refactoring request 3. Create a revised baseline specifying the refactoring request
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: COR3200180E Failed to remove item from trying to create revised baseline
1) 2 items are created in 2 folders, and linked to Request A; 2) One of the items is deleted again before going into any baseline , and Request A is used for the refactoring change; 3) A revised baseline is taken with the updates from Request A;
CMS-XML It's impossible to re-link items after previously existing link was deleted.
CONFIGURATION: Server: Windows 2008 Server / IIS6 Client: Windows 2008 Server / Firefox 3.6 BUILD: RM v11.2.3.244 PREREQUISITES: 1. Create a new project, using the QLARIUS_RM sample project as baseline . 2. Open the ClasDef for the project, double click on relationship between BUSINESS_REQUIREMENT and USER_REQUIREMENT classes.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Revise baseline: error: baseline required for item of already in use by item.
Verify the item specification refered to in the error. Compare the items for differences. Rename or Delete the incorrect item . Perform the creation of the revised baseline.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Move Item Type: 2390 Error Item Revision is currently in a baseline
If the items are in more than one baseline you will have to delete all of the baselines that contain items you wish to change.
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