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CMS-XML V6.1.0 TRACE=AUTO Audit parm generates the incorrect keywords
V6.1.0 TRACE = AUTO Audit parm generates the incorrect keywords
CMS-XML Dim12: How to obtain trace and debug details for auto deployment feature of Dimensions
In Dimensions 12, the automatic deployment is implemented as a Serena-written event. When relevant objects are actioned, the event will automatically perform the promote and deployment operations. If either or both of these commands are not completing successfully, it may be necessary to trace the event.
CMS-XML Dim14: Using DM_SDP_TRACE to check for problems using the Dimensions CM Auto Update facility
To enable SDP trace add the following to dm.cfg on the server and client machines: DM_SDP_TRACE <full path to folder of your choice\>
CMS-XML ZMF V7.1.1.01 GA - Audit report submitted with Auto-resolve option abends with 0C1
Below is the SAVE AREA TRACE information from the 0C1 dump: ========================================== SAVE AREA TRACE PROCEEDING FORWARD FROM TCBFSA NAME=CMNAD500 WAS ENTERED VIA LINK AT EP CMNAD500
CMS-XML Audit auto resolve issuing recompile for incorrect application (CMN1014I)
Service request failed, message returned by ZMF follows: CMN1014I - No entry found for member SHOWISSU.SRC. A trace of the CMNAD500 execution shows that we are attempting to recompile the SRC component in the wrong application – not that in which the initial history record has been defined.
CMS-XML Dim12: License Manager: User is not on the include list and cannot be added because Auto-Add is not turned on for this feature.
If the above does not lead to results, run a procmon trace during the startup of the License Server and when the first DIM Named licenses should be consumed, this should show what file access issues there are. Please provide the procmon trace as well as the SerenaLicenseServer.log file to Serena Support for further review.
CMS-XML When auto sizing a field in composer, it uses the largest value in the selection field inconsistently
In some cases, it has been reported that when using the auto size functionality for a selection field, the feature should create the drop down list as large as the longest selection in that field. This however doesn't always seem to work. We are currently tracking down why this happens inconsistently.
CMS-XML SSM821: on HPSUOB1 auto selects last entry in the list of Objects
4. Panel HPSUOB1 is displayed. HPSUOB1 Tracked Objects in Group ??? Row 1 of 2 Command ====> SCROLL===> CSR
CMS-XML Dim10: Scheduled Jobs - Troubleshooting/Tracing Tips
br /> You can check the status of a job using the LSJ command Inactive jobs will not run automatically . Command Format: LSJ <Job ID>
CMS-XML DA: How to get more information about automatic DA user and group creation in the log files
To generate additional logging information for these activities update <installdir>\conf\server\ with the following line: TRACE
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