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CMS-XML Does CMN ZMF Support Imbedded Copybooks?
CMN ZMF supports imbedded copybooks at compile time AND in audit AND in impact analysis (Q.I).
CMS-XML Invalid synch20s in Audit
CHNALGOM 00004220 1962/09/02 05069600 SYNCH20! Imbedded 1962/09/02 05069600
CMS-XML V5.3.6 - SYNCH7 issue caused by imbedded called/calling components structure
ZMF V5.3.6 - SYNCH7 errors can't be eliminated from the audit report for load components that have imbedded called/calling structure. Instead, these SYNCH7s multiply with every audit report submitted for a package. The problem relates to PARTICIPATING packages only.
CMS-XML Loop and eventual S878 processing src/cpy relationships in audit
copybook BCSNCHGF.CPY has a CPY relationship to BCSNCHGF.CPY <=== this is an invalid relationship. The invalid relationship was created due to a problem parsing BCSNCHGF.CPY during a full assist. The copybook is PL/I and has statement %INCLUDE BCSNCHGF imbedded in a PL/I comment that spans multiple lines.
CMS-XML Bypassing audit of vendor-supplied load modules
000165A8 2014/04/17 661FA445 CMNOFM ZMF 000079 STED 00017108 2017/07/14 6C38DBAA CMNCCASM 00000F98 2013/04/27 644B2697 SYNCH20! CMNCCASM ZMF 000079 STED Imbedded 1960/01/01 00000000 CMNZDRV 000065D0 2011/09/30 61558426 SYNCH20! CMNZDRV ZMF 000079 STED Imbedded 1960/01/01 00000000
CMS-XML Imbed for skeleton CMN$$SPR commented out in skeleton CMN$$AUD
Custmoer found that as long as the audit is run on the same LPAR where the ZMF task resides it completes fine. If the audit is run on another LPAR
CMS-XML Audit performance.
Audit performance.
CMS-XML Audit Tracing Facility
Audit Tracing Facility
CMS-XML Audit and LCT components
Audit and LCT components
CMS-XML Parsing baselines in audit
Parsing baselines in audit
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