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CMS-XML Import from Old style tracker ( long raw attachments) converts to zero byte file in SBM
Older style Tracker projects maintained attachments for Oracle in the LONG RAW format. When projects were upgraded in Tracker to version 8.x on newer versions of Oracle, this column in LONG RAW format was converted to BLOB format. If the projects and database were never upgraded, even if the Tracker program was, thedata remained in the older format.
CMS-XML Accessing attachments show them with zero bytes when using SQL Server Replication.
This issue only occurs when using SQL Server Replication. The maximum size of the attachments /custom form will be dictated by the number set in your SQL Server Properties under "Max Text Replication Size". Any attachment greater than this number will show the above symptoms.
CMS-XML Switching to store attachments in the database from the filesystem is broken - error in event viewer - SQL Error Accessing 'ATTACHMENT'
When switching attachment storage from file system to the database the attachments are being corrupted. On attempting to open an attachment (say a text file), it opens a blank browser tab and its size is set to 0 bytes . In the test that I did the attachments were stored in C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\attachments\
CMS-XML Email Submit. Send failed response to user if attachment failed to attach, but item was successfully submitted.
If an error occurs during the creation of the attachment (in this case, the disk holding attachments was full (no space at all), then the submit appears to complete successfully and the confirmation message is sent. The failing attachments were created as 0 - byte attachments and must be replaced manually with the correct files.
HTML Merant® Dimensions™ Service Pack Release Notes, Edition 1.0
#70538 - PDIFF command fails when loading change document attachment with 0 byte length
CMS-XML IDS_F1_MSG_ATTACHMENTS_MAXFILESIZE has an incorrect string in the French version and does not work
Vous ne pouvez pas charger un fichier dune taille supérieure à { 0 ,number,integer} octets The correct string (in the database) should read : "Vous ne pouvez pas charger un fichier d''une taille supérieure à {0,number,integer} octets"
CMS-XML Unable To Download Large Attachment Stored In Oracle (>300Mb)
When attempting to download a big file - 300+ Megs - no bytes are copied from the Oracle server where attachments are stored in the database.
CMS-XML Incorrect or truncated filenames when fetching attachments from SBM
The problem is that the filename argument in the Content-Disposition part of the HTTP header is not correctly split when it is longer than 78 characters. This is most often seen when there are non-ASCII characters in the filename (high-ASCII or MBCS characters). When such a character is encountered, the URL and character encoding required in the header can mean that a single byte requires 6 bytes when encoded.
CMS-XML TT661(j) CLOB Memo Field only 16,384 chars(double-bytes) are allowed to input.
When using only single byte characters, the user is able to input up to 65,535 bytes into the CLOB memo field as defined. However, when the user uses double-byte characters (Japanese characters), only 32,768 bytes are allowed to input. *The evidence is attachment ("").
CMS-XML Analyzing Attachments for Business Mashups Upgrade in Oracle
segment_name table_name, sum( bytes )/(1024*1024) table_size_meg from
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