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CMS-XML DIm CM 2009 R2: Opening Stream from Desktop Client context menu does not recall associated workarea
The Open Stream / Project dialogue only updates the work area field when a different stream / project selection is made. When opening this dialogue from a context menu (e.g. by right-clicking on a stream in the catalogue) the stream name is already showing the name of the stream selected but still shows the work area from the current stream. If you re-select the stream from the list box then the area is updated.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2.02: SSOCAC: Win Explorer: Runtime error when associating a Create New Stream
From Windows Explorer, select a directory, right-click Dimensions/Logout. 2. Select the directory again, right-click Dimensions/ Associate with Source Control. 3. Login with Smart Card. 4. Select a Project Type of Stream. 5. Using the ‘Browse’ button the Select stream window appears.
CMS-XML Dim14: COR4504092E You can only use the UPDATE command with the stream , which is associated with this work area.
The error message is missing the Stream name. If an Update command is used, the stream name will appear.
CMS-XML DIm CM 12.2: The use of --stream with the dm deliver command doesn't override default stream value
After a little more investigation and an attempt to use the "dm getinfo" command it transpired that the user's default project had become set to $GENERIC:$GLOBAL so was indeed looking at the wrong place for the filename in general. Having performed a "dm switchstream" to the stream referenced in the --stream parameter the operation succeeded. It was assumed that the -- stream parameter on "dm deliver" should have allowed the operation to work considering that the user was in the correct workarea associated with that stream .
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Cannot associate item from Add Files in web client when the browser is using a non-English locale
field. Enter application/octet- stream in the MIME Type
PDF Dimensions CM Deploy DA Deployment Getting Started Tutorial
... Step 3: Associate the CM Product with the DA Application ....................................... ... ....................................... 5 Step 4: Create a test stream and baseline . ...
CMS-XML Shell Extension: Metadata updating for more tan 5 files move does not work
if you a Create Stream and Create work area with 10 files in it and Associate the work area with the stream and perform Deliver Then Create a New folder in work area Deliver changes
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Incorrect context menu in Area Explorer
1. Launch DC 2. Open Stream and associate it with work area. 3. Update work area with content of stream
CMS-XML 12.2: Promote privilege check wrong when there is an off-normal GSL stage
Create an empty stream Associate the areas to the stream Login as user TED (who has the "TEAM LEADER" role)
CMS-XML if a baseline has related requests and requirements, a revision of the baseline, using requests, ceases to show any related requirements. Similarly, a baseline revised using a requirement will not show related requests
It contained 2 requirements. Associated the RM baseline to a CM stream /project. Created a baseline in CM using all items latest in the CM stream/project.
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