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CMS-XML After deleting a project or workset, cannot reuse the project name because of hidden data in Dimensions database
When a project is created, Dimensions creates "hidden" projects in the database to track files that are in each deployment area. In some versions of Dimensions, deleting a project or workset does not remove the "hidden" projects which represent the deployment areas. At a later time, if there is a need to create a new project or workset using the same name as the one that has previously been deleted there may be an error message indicating a conflict with the "hidden" project.
CMS-XML Link Information gets deleted when Scheduler (in a linked package) is updated
If a package is linked to a Team Track item , link information can be viewed through Query Package. If the scheduler for the package is changed (from CMN to Manual, for example) this link information disappears.
CMS-XML HFS Change tracking corrupts data
31 Status 0 Delete 32 HFS
CMS-XML Dim10: COR4501498E Error: Cannot de-assign the last deployment area from this project because this project (and/or its subprojects) contain item revisions which had been deployed past the initial stage.
In several cases items were "deleted"/removed from the project, but were still in a progressed stage in deployment. In that case, it is necessary to track down those items in $Generic:$Global project and either deploy them back to the initial stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle or if they are test items , they can be deleted from Repository, to resolve this issue.
CMS-XML Project module gives "PESObjectNotFoundException", other modules give "The item that you requested could not be found"
Dev Message: The item requested could not be found Also, if you had chosen this project/release in the Tracking module (for example) before it was deleted , subsequent attempts to go to the Tracking module would give error: The item that you requested could not be found.
CMS-XML Before a package is baselined, can you delete a utility scratch request?
A scratch request can be the only item in a package or part of a change package with staged components. Once the component has been selected for 'scratch', Change Man keeps track of the information and it can only be modified ( deleted ) as long as the package is in DEV status. When the package is frozen, Change Man will create a job (actually a step in the '30' install job) to execute the scratch request, but the job will not be executed until the change package is actually installed.
PDF Change
Option 2 of the Group Admin menu deletes tracked objects ( data name entry records) from an object group, in either online or batch mode. The objects must currently be defined in the object group.
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009: Reported Defect: Revision is removed when revising a baseline with a refactoring request that includes both a remove and add revision action
Revising a baseline with a refactoring request that both deletes an item revision and adds the same item revision back into the project will delete the item revision in the baseline instead of keeping it. A user might mistakingly remove a revision and then to add it back uses the same request to track both the delete and the export item to project actions. Steps To Reproduce
PDF Serena® Mariner® 6.2 User's Guide
... ..85 Deleting Tasks .. ... ..99 TRACKING WORKITEMS.. ... Creating a Work Item ... ... Modifying a Work Item ... ... to a Work Item ... ... ..103 Deleting a Work Item ... ... Modifying a Log Item ... ... Assigning a Log Item ... ... about a Log Item ... ... Creating a Work Item from a Log Item ... ... from a Log Item ... ... Converting a Log Item to a Different ... Escalating a Log Item ... ... ..107 Deleting a Log Item ... ... 114 Determining How Data Is Grouped and ...
PDF Dimensions for z/OS User’s and Administrator’s Guide
data set names, formatting 109 data sets, TSO PREFIX 108 Database Connection field, log in panel 83 Database Name field, log in panel 83 delete confirmation warning, setting 108 Delete Item panel 115 Dimensions command line client 136 commands, entering 122 configuration file, customizing vari- ... _DATASET_DC- B_PAT_n_PATTERN 77 DM_MVS_ DELETE _TEMP 74 DM_MVS_DETAIL_ TRACE 73 DM_MVS_REJECT_USERS 74 DM_MVS_RESTART_ON_ERROR 71
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