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CMS-XML Invalid user name or password with SSO enabled, cannot log into Application Repository if SSO is disabled
One of the key elements for SSO and application repository to function correctly is the Gsoap virtual directory. It is always wise to test that this URL is accessible:
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5 Hotfix 2 for DEF264837 - Unsupported browser SBM Application Repository does not support browser IE8
Download the attached file Double click the .exe and supply the password SERENA Follow the instructions in the resulting text readme file
CMS-XML Cannot connect to Mashup Manager / Application Repository
You will see this error if your gsoap virtual directory is using a named NT account for the anonymous access account and the password has changed or is incorrect. Check that gsoap is working i.e. http://servername-v:80/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?aewebservices70 " should give the following response: "You must use a POST request to get answer from gsoap !
CMS-XML With successful login via SSO, I am still prompted for password in another application
SBM has two gatekeepers. One for the User Workspace UI and one for the Application Repository . The Application Repository gatekeeper is located under C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\alfssogatekeeper\conf.
CMS-XML How to rebuild the Application Repository database
If the new Repository database is stored on a different server, click "Application Repository" and drag it below to the section that says "Drag and drop database here to create a new database server". From here, you can enter the server name, instance/service name, database/user schema, password , etc.
PDF SBM Application Repository Guide
Log In As Enables you to log in as another user (without knowing that user's password ) for troubleshooting purposes. Any actions that you perform while logged in as another user are logged under your name on behalf of the other user. While logged in as the other user, you have the set of privileges assigned to that user.
PDF SBM Application Repository Guide
2. Depending on the authentication settings specified by your administrator, you might be prompted to log in. In the Username box, type your login name. In the Password box, type your password .
CMS-XML Authentication failure. User '' is deleted or non-existent. Failed to contact Authentication Service at with reason: Invalid User ID or Password.
On some occasions Application Repository may fail to connect with destination environments such as on Promotion attempts. When this happens the following error message will pop-up on the Application Repository UI : Failed to contact Authentication Service at <serverName> with reason: Invalid User ID or Password
CMS-XML "renew -clear" command clears the password for the AR endpoint using HTTP Basic Auth
After running the "renew -clear", the HTTP Basic password in the Application Repository endpoint is removed. If the user tries to deploy the process app from the Application Repository, the password will not be set in the Orchestration Engine.
CMS-XML SBM: Failed to contact Authentication Service at SERVERNAME with reason: Invalid User ID or Password
This error can occur when trying to deploy or even trying to connect to a Application Repository Environment if the Certificates are not fully updated and not expired. On a windows 2008 distributed system you must follow the steps in KB S139077 and follow the section on a Distributed System even for environments. From the above mentioned KB: S139077
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