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CMS-XML Export of the SLS/Design string values in Application Administrator Localization has performance issues and a high SQL CPU load
This can cause the Export to seem to hang in the Application Administrator . This causes a large SQL CPU load and can have the effect or causing performance issues across the system.
CMS-XML SBM App Admin: User screen is slow and takes too long to load
Some customers have noticed a performance problem with the user screens in the new App Admin .
CMS-XML CMNIA000 abend S0C4-10 in module CMNIAG00, CSECT CMNIAG00, offset X'28AA'
CMS-XML Application Administrator hangs when editing relational or multi-relational field with many records
When trying to override the settings for a relational or multi-relational field in the Application Administrator , it hangs due to trying to load all of the records if there are many records (over 200,000 records in our test example) in the table that the relational field points to.
CMS-XML Failed to open Application Administrator portal page - F12 sowns /tmtrack/flex/project_admin.swf is Aborted
Application Administrator shows blank page or keep loading and return nothing.
CMS-XML Errors appear when JBoss starts on the Orchestration Engine server if Mashup Manager (Application Administrator) is not installed on that server
A JBoss instance that runs the orchestration engine throws errors each time Jboss is started. : ERROR 2010-05-21 12:30:51,932 STDERR -- LoggerWrapper.loadLogger: Loaded Common Logger class: com.serena.eventlog.internal.logger.LoggerImpl : INFO 2010-05-21 12:30:51,963 mashupmgr.EventLog.Server -- Initializing event log...
CMS-XML If you have an apostrophe in the localization string for Request Center for Approvals the shell will not load and the browser may give a script error: An error has occurred in a script on this page
Remove the apostrophe from the localization string in the Application Administrator >Localization for the Request Center value of "Approvals".
CMS-XML Cannot logon to Work Center as the User Interface hangs with loading symbol - error in workcenter.log ...[MenuItemController] -- could not execute query TS_LOCALE from TS_APPLICATIONS where TS_ID = ...
Cannot logon to Work Center as the User Interface hangs with loading symbol and in the Application Administrator >Work Center >Settings you also get an error similar to below error on the UI as well as in workcenter.log: 00000 ERROR 03-02-2015 10:52:38 [MenuItemController] -- could not execute query; SQL [select TS_LOCALE from TS_APPLICATIONS
CMS-XML Composer: Load attempt failed for design element. You do not have permission to perform the requested operation.
The underlying issue is a user can have the correct privilege to open the main Application but not have permission to also view the Orchestration which causes the error. What happens next is the defect in that when this same user then checks in the application, because they don't have access to the Orchestration the Orchestration is then missing from the Privileges section in the Application Administrator .
CMS-XML Search query results in application administrator are refreshed and overridden if a previous query is still processing
You either need to wait for the page to finish loading and the query to finish executing or you may use the search field on the application administrator's home page to search for users, groups, or projects without having to go into the sub-section where the entire list is loaded .
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