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CMS-XML How to force a user's password to expire immediately
(1) Update in TS_USERS the column TS_PASSWORDPRIVILEGEOPTIONS and set to be equal to -4. (2) Because the TS_USERS table is cached you need to either IISRESET or refresh the cache via the admin command http://<Your_Server>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? adminpage &command=RefreshCache (3) When the user logs on they will require the initial password but will immediate be asked to change it.
CMS-XML RLC: After upgrade, some users cannot load task screens
* Log into SBM. * Change the URL at the top to be: /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? AdminPage &command=ClearTemplateCache You will see the message that sever cache was successfully cleared.
CMS-XML Owner - ME is not possible to localize
and change "me" to"$SLS(src.approvals.currentUser,Me)" do a second search as there is a "Me" as well. Afterwards put files in Database and run tmtrack.dll? AdminPage &command=cleartemplatecache command.
CMS-XML After altering SBM templates and using the "Put Files to Database" option in System Admin, how do you see changes without restarting IIS?
http://<sbm_server>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? adminpage &command=refreshcache This may cause a temporary performance hit as the cache is refreshed.
CMS-XML Changes to JavaScripts are not being picked up in the Application Engine after a deploy
If you created GetAllTemplatesOnStartup value to prevent AE from copying resources from DB to filesystem ( for some reason) and then you need to look after the resources manually after each change either use Admin functionality "Get files from Database" , or copy files manually, or use the admin command GetFilesFromDatabase e.g. http://server /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? AdminPage &Command=GetFilesFromDatabase
CMS-XML How to clear the SBM cache from IIS without restarting IIS
Note: Replace the <Your_Server> with your server name. http://<Your_Server>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? adminpage &command=RefreshCache If this does not work, you may still need to restart the IIS service.
CMS-XML Restrict By Role restriction is not being transferred upon deployment
Modify the URL in the browser window to be in this form: Note: Replace the with your server http://tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? adminpage &command=RefreshCache
CMS-XML Impossible to use Web Administrator with similar and long group names
background-color: #ffffff; border: 1px solid #8c9da4; 4. Save the file and restart IIS (or use ClearTemplateCache AdminPage
CMS-XML Error "You do not have permission to create a search specification beginning with @WHERE" when running SQL Pass-thru reports
2) Change the URL at the top of the browser to go to http://MyServer/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? adminpage &command=RefreshCache (Of course, use your server name.) This will refresh the IIS cache on the server. NOTE:
CMS-XML Add a LiveSearch field in the basic search page with Javascript and ASP (IIS webserver)
From the Teamtrack administrator, do a File / Put Files Into Database Clear the browser cache ( http://yourServerName/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? AdminPage &Command=RefreshCache ) or restart your webserver (Start / Run / iisreset) Disclaimer:
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