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CMS-XML What is the "Lock DB" in System Admin under "Administrative Locks" in the System Adminstrator?
What is the " Lock DB" in System Admin under " Administrative Locks " in the System Adminstrator?
CMS-XML Component LOCK issue after the upgrade to V8.1.2.
If a component was staged and locked in a package by the same User ID prior to the upgrade to ZMF V8.1.2, he/she is not able to stage the component in the same package until the ZMF admin unlocks it. The problem is not applicable to packages that were created after the upgrade to V8.1.2 and is not applicable to the User IDs with ZMF administrative privileges.
CMS-XML When trying to update your user profile you get "Your lock on 'Users Table' was revoked by the administrator." and your changes aren't held onto.
Open the System Administrator tool and click File | Administrative Locks and look for any locks on the Users table. If you see any in there you can click the Remove button to remove that lock. After you do that go back in the the SBM user interface and try to update your user profile again.
CMS-XML Problem: HTTP Error 401 401.1 Unauthorized: Logon Failed or HTTP Server Error 500 Referenced account locked and cannot be logged into.
To activate the guest web account got to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | User Manager for Domains. Now find the user named IUSR_computername.
CMS-XML VM 8.6 Administrative logging for critical actions
2017/05/31 16:46 GMT-07:00 rgering ChangeProjSecurity "/" "privileges change for user: TestUser" "[+Add Promotion Group, +Add Version Label, +Break Lock , +Modify Archive Access List, +Modify Comment Delimiter, +Modify Archive Owner, +Modify
CMS-XML SBM: LDAP Imports run but do not import any users (scheduled or manual LDAP imports)
In this document, we will collect the errors found in the Application Log and the solution to those errors: EXAMPLE 1: Administrative Locks ! The full error is:
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Administrator Release Notes
3. TeamTrack now offers a Deployment Tool that enables you to test administrative changes on a separate test system and then automatically move the changes into your live production environment. The tool provides a locking mechanism so that administrative settings (except for the addition and modification of users) are frozen from the time your production database is copied to a test environment (or "sandbox"), through the process of modifying and testing administrative settings in the sandbox, to the time the final schema changes are deployed back to your production database.
CMS-XML Administrator Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
25. The menu options in the TeamTrack Administrator have been re-organized. The File menu now contains the Connect, Administrative Locks , Record Locks , Get Files From Database, Put Files in Database, and Exit options. The new Tools menu contains the Create New Database, Run Solution Wizard, Copy Database, Archive, Export, Import From XML, and Import From Database options.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Browser Release Notes
29. Administrators can now break their own administrative locks from the browser interface, but not locks of other administrators.
PDF SBM Application Administrator Features
▪ Database Locks Administrative Locks (for SBM System Administrator features only) ▪ Reset Administrator Access wizard (New)
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