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CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.3 : Can't add attachments to requests in newly created base database => "The database schema has not yet been upgraded by your Dimensions Administrator. When the upgrade is installed, it will be possible to have file attachments to Requests."
update sysobj_catalogue set revision = 2 where obj_class = 100; commit; then logout /login to desktop client and it will be possible to attach files to the new request
CMS-XML Sample code for calling XML Services from a ZMF exit.
Sample CMNEX009 exit source code and documentation are attached to this Solution.
CMS-XML Replaced file attachments are showing original user instead of another user who replaced the file attachment
Attach a file to an item as "User A" and then logout as User A. Login as "User B" and then navigate to the item that User A attached the file to. Perform a "Replace file attachment" and insert a different file attachment and save it. When you look back to the item, you will still see User A's name next to the replaced file attachment.
CMS-XML SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C4 Function=ATTACH/SSV NSI=000C62C4
Encountered the following abend when trying to exit components were modifying or staging from devlopment. 07.59.00 STC25521 SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C4 Function=ATTACH/SSV NSI=000C62C4 07.59.01 STC25521 IDI0034I Fault analysis skipped due to: EXCLUDE option specification (FAST) 07.59.01 STC25521 IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT 434 434 SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C
CMS-XML Abend C78 in ESPYAOAX at exit point XPCTA
Apply ESPYAOAX which is attached to this module.
CMS-XML Recompile in package not attached to an ERO release causes a loop.
If a recompile for a component in a package that is attached to an ERO release is performed and then an attempt is made to recompile a component in a package that is not attached to a release, the ISPF client loops and panel CMNRCMPR is not displayed. The ISPF session must be canceled to exit the loop.
CMS-XML Dashboard opens but all graphs give "Error attaching to Reporting Server: NAME"
if you run as an application and later log off of the machine, the application will stop running. Therefore, you can disconnect from the Dashboard server, but do not log off of the machine.
CMS-XML SLM: SLM 2.2.0 core dumping on Solaris 10 with message "merant exited with status 0 signal = 18"
This problem was resolved using the hotfix attached to KB article which takes SLM up to release
CMS-XML Updating display preferences deselects "attachments" for user(s)
(2) Now logon as an administrator and change the user in (1) items per page in display/ preferences and save. Logout .
CMS-XML SBM Hotfix 10 - DEF266125 - Response to Email Approval gets "Session has expired" message when auto logout is enabled
Instructions are below: 1. Download the attached file 2. Double click the .exe
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