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CMS-XML Work Center dashboard URL widgets can be an XSS security threat
Work Center dashboard URL widgets can be an XSS security threat
CMS-XML Homepage: Missing triangular icon for URL container widget.
[Repro Steps] 1. In Module Manager, create a new view and place a URL container and Save. 2. Set this as your homepage and view it.
CMS-XML Headers of Embedded Report are printed as URLs instead of column names
- add a new listing report to a process app in Composer - on a custom state form add the report in an Embedded Report Widget - for this same state also add a custom print form also including this report in a Embedded Report Widget.
CMS-XML PDF Widget does not properly display or print when using WorkCenter URL from the Installation and Configuration Guide
The Installation and Configuration guide suggests using http://servername/workcenter as the URL to access SWC (page 183). However, using this URL seems to cause issue with how information is displayed and rendered. In this case, the PDF Widget does not display correctly and sometimes not at all.
CMS-XML Configuring SBM REST grid widgets to access Release Automation REST services using Composer Mode
To configure the REST grid widget in In the REST grid widget , in the Configure URL dialog, provide the REST service method URL and add the composerMode=true request parameter.
CMS-XML Embedded report widgets with QAR are creating very long URLs
If you have a QAR listing report embedded in a report widget, and QAR is based on looking up TS_IDs from a multirelational field the report URL may grow very large. In such a case every Item in a listing report will be referenced in the report URL by using all TS_IDs from the queried multirelational field. This may generate URL consisting of many thousands of Characters.
CMS-XML Get "peer not authenticated, Exception calling REST service" when using the rest caller widget calling an https url
In order to make this work the certificate for the target url must be trusted by Tomcat/JBoss. See the attached video for illustration of the problem and how to resolve it.
CMS-XML How to fix a 404 error when using the Rest Grid widget with an SSL (HTTPS) url. "We did not find any matches for your request"
When using the Rest Grid widget with a SSL / HTTPS url you may get a 404 error with the following message in the user interface instead of the rest results. We did not find any matches for your request Unknown error received from https.......
CMS-XML Using the web page widget to embed an SBM report into a Form
(1) Run the report and copy the URL to the clipboard for reference e.g. http://localhost/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?jzbrczwv&ReportPage&Template=reports%2Flist&ReportId=168&TableId=1142&HasRuntimeParams=1&f2590=6&g2590_left=&h2590=1&multi_f2590_left=6&projectid=1&reporttype=1&submit=Run%20Report
CMS-XML Rest Grid widget gives "We did not find any matches for your request" with error 401
We did not find any matches for your request Unknown error received from http://sbm-10121/sbmproxy/xhp [ url : 'http%3A%2F%2Fsbm-10121%3A8080%2Falm%2Frest%2FVaultService%2FgetVaultBaselineProjects%3FcomposerMode%3Dfalse%26providerName%3DDIM*', xslfile: 'xml2json-discard-prefix.xslt'] (401)
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