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CMS-XML RM 12.1 allows Non-Admin users to add and delete categories
RM 12.1 allows Non- Admin users to add and delete categories
CMS-XML 'Add a User' in browser admin works only after selecting user from search result
1. Launch AE browser interface 2. Click on ' Administrator ' link on top right hand side 3. Click on 'Add a User' link, notice that you get the popup to add a user
CMS-XML Admin user cannot add/remove feeds for System Views.
Edit My Activity and go to System View. The buttons to create a new feed / select a feed are missing. Also the admin user cannot remove any feeds from the System View.
CMS-XML Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the Web Admin or the System Admin.
Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the web admin or the System Admin Tool. For example if a user is associated with 10 groups and is then added to an 11th, the action as logged from the System Admin tool will only add one line to the TS_AdminChanges. Whereas if the action is carried out from the Web Admin , lines are logged for removing the user from all 10 groups and then adding them and the new group again.
CMS-XML Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT when user tries to add value to / edit a large valid set via Admin Console
User was trying to add a value to a very large valid set, it returned the following errors: Secure Connection Failed
CMS-XML Dim10: Last Updated By showing Last User Added for Groups in Admin Console
To replicate Open Admin Console, select Groups Select a group name, and click the edit group button under General.
CMS-XML Current user option not available for Rule Condition Added for MultiUserField
The admin functions for a Notification rule allow for a setting that a user has been added to a multi-use field.
CMS-XML How to use readdb and makedb to add, change, or remove users, groups, and privileges
While user administration is typically done via the VM GUI ( Admin | Security | Users ), you may need to update the Access Control Database (ACDB) directly, for example because the only administrator has left.
CMS-XML How to run the Requests Monitor if you are not a Admin user
If a user does not have privileges to access System Reports they can run the report directly from the following URL. This could be added to a Dashboard for easy access in Work Center
CMS-XML If CMNEX009 adds an approver, directly following an UNPLANNED approval, the UNPLANNED user is notified instead.
If CMNEX009 adds an approver, directly following an UNPLANNED approval by hierarchy, the vehicle and User(s) to Notify for the the UNPLANNED notification is used, rather then the vehicle and user(s) defined by CMNEX009. In ZMF Admin : HIERARCHICAL APPROVAL PROCESS ===> YES is set.
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