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CMS-XML X-Frame-Options set to DENY allows making setting that disables SBM
This allows the page to render in a frame where the parent page is from the same server. For instance, if
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3 / 14.4: how to change the pulse server configuration to activate “X-Frame-Options: ALLOWALL?
). However, if opening Pulse to clickjacking attacks is a risk that user is prepared to accept in a particular environment, it is possible to allow Pulse to be framed by modifying two configuration files: 1) Modify webapps/pulse/WEB-INF/spring-imports/app-pulse-security.xml
CMS-XML SWC - Zooming into an Activity widget on a dashboard opened from a dashboard list gives you no option to return to the original dashboard
If you open up a dashboard from a list of dashboards (i.e. not one of your pinned dashboards from an application homepage) and you have a widget embedded on it to show an activity view, you can click the zoom icon at the top-right of that widget to open the activity view full- frame , but when you click the ' X ' to back out of it, it takes you all the way back to your dashboard list and not the dashboard itself from which you opened the activity widget
CMS-XML In 11.3 Configurator can now easily enable the following secure response HTTP header options for IIS and Tomcat
CMS-XML Using "X" on submit form does not do the same as "Cancel" button
If you are part-way through submitting an item and decide to cancel for some reason, if you do so using the " X " button on the frame , it is possible that the subsequent entry into the submit form will retain values previously entered, especially for relational search fields. IF it is important that you clear those fields, then using the "Cancel" button is the recommended approach.
CMS-XML HTTP 302 Javascript Cross-Origin Request blocked by HTML 5 CORS - when IIS and Tomcat on different servers and browser is blocking redirection for some users when an AppScript is being run
Possible reasons: (1) You may need to add X - Frame - Options in IIS Manager or in 11.3 and above you can add via Configurator.
CMS-XML SBM: How to setup HTTP strict transport security (HSTS)
<init-param> <param-name> X - Frame - Options </param-name> <param-value>SAMEORIGIN</param-value>
HTML Solutions Business Manager 11.3 Security Bulletin
PDF Comparex VSE User Guide
... '7432, X ,COMPAREX,L') SYSUT2=(OTH,M=PAYROLL,PARM='7566, X ,COMPAREX') MAXDIFF=50 ... (106) bytes per line */ FRAME =NUM /* Frame the Differences */ BUFF=1024 /* Hopefully Enough - Can go Higher */ /* /& * $$ EOJ The interface can switch from reading SYSUT1 to SYSUT2 but not successfully interrupt reading SYSUT2 and pick up SYSUT1 where it left off.
CMS-XML Version Manager: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) - problematic frame - mlclient.dll
In PVCS Version Manager 8.2. x - desktop client. Serena PVCS splash screen is seen, but client never opens.
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