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CMS-XML VM: File Server-based Project Database using SSO login source disconnects after successful login
Example: 08 Jul 2013 16:31:20,085 ERROR http-bio-8080-exec-19 SAML1PolicyBuilder - Error loading validation policy from "D:\ vm 84_test \vm\common\pvcsprop\pvcs\vm\sso\null" (basePath = "null")
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+: VM I-Net Web Client fails to connect to VM server via a load balancer, firewall or network security software after upgrading to VM 8.6.1 or newer
The client-side Agent used as of VM 8.6.1 connects to the VM I-Net server via the Web Socket (WS) protocol instead of just using HTTP. While Web Socket traffic utilizes HTTP, load balancers, firewalls, and end-point-security software may be able to detect this payload and treat it differently.
CMS-XML VM I-Net (web client) users can no longer perform module associations with TeamTrack or SBM after installing JRE 1.6.0 Update 22 (1.6.0_22) or newer
where is the IP address and port number of the VM I-Net server being used.
CMS-XML Changing the time at which the Version Manager File Server Background Processor starts
To avoid this load from slowing down the server while it is actively being used by others, it may be desirable to run the Background Processor at a later time. This article will show you how.
CMS-XML File Server Admin page fails to load with HTTP Status 500 error
</servlet-mapping> You can copy and paste the configuration above and replace the values as appropriately if your web.xml file contains no servlet definitions other than "vminet" servlet itself. After adding the servlet, restart the Serena VM Web Application Server (service).
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: HotFix to resolve mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable) and/or random lockups of the File Server clients
*** This HotFix has been superceded by P2715 *** The attached HotFix solves a problem that was introduced in VM 8.4.6, where some customers using a heavily loaded VM File Server would get the error: mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable)
CMS-XML How does Version Manager locate a File Server / How to configure File Server access without using the Desktop Client GUI
This article also explain how Version Manager determines which File Server (s) it needs to communicate with, which may help to resolve "The project root could not be loaded " type error messages that only affect a limited number of systems or users of a File Server .
CMS-XML DTK applications can hang on AIX when accessing archives that are located on a Version Manager File Server
, etc.). As the File Server libraries were written in C++, it is necessary to use an xlC-based C++ compiler variation to ensure the generated executable can correctly link to the shared File Server library. When this is not done, failures like the one shown above can occur.
CMS-XML VM: PCLI - The project root could not be loaded: "ProjectDBPath" -or- The project root could not be loaded: ""
without getting this error, then PCLI may lack the information it needs to locate the File Server . The process that Version Manager uses to locate the File Server is documented in KB doc S134330 .
CMS-XML Potential file corruption when File Server is used by Version Manager releases prior to VM
Project meta-data (.ser files): A project or project database no longer loads and gives a Java exception (most commonly invalid stream header). A project starts showing the identical contents of another project.
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