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CMS-XML Dim: SSO: Enabling SSO to work with silent connections PDIFF: PRG7700110E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials
Client connections work fine when using the standard login dialog. However silent connect and/or PDIFF fails with
CMS-XML Migration Utility - Connection failed if SSO is enabled
From event viewer you get this error Untrusted endorsing Credentials From the migration utility you get the following error
CMS-XML SBM fails SSL if client certificate request is received from LDAP
SBM will faill to make an LDAP connection if a request for a client certificate is received even if the client certificate is not required.
CMS-XML MCLG: MVR: Error "ChangeMan Mover Agent exited the connection, Protocol negotiations failed, Credential does not allow authorized access."
MCLG: MVR: Error "ChangeMan Mover Agent exited the connection , Protocol negotiations failed , Credential does not allow authorized access."
CMS-XML HSSO - Hybrid SSO for SaaS environments- cannot logon as getting Untrusted Endorsing Credentials or Failed to verify signature - certificates expired and need updating
There are some certificates built into HSSO and On-Demand. If these expire then the end user will get the error "Failed to verify signature". The HSSO log will contain the error "The signature or decryption was invalid (the provided certificate is invalid)”.
CMS-XML How to get a copy of the certificate chain and copy it to the certificate trust store ("PKIX path building failed" or similar SSL connection errors.)
When using SSL, it is imperative that the SBM server components can verify trusted status of an SSL certificate . This could be any URL or web service that communicates via SSL/HTTPS, such as a secure mail server or an orchestration endpoint etc. To verify the trusted status of a certificate, you must put all the certificate authority (CA) public keys from the certificate signing chain into the trusted certificate store. For
CMS-XML DimCM: Web Tools: Error: Failed to connect to the server using a certificate or Failed to start Dimensions server process
When using the Web Client with Web Client Tools, an error of the following can occur: NCL1803331E Connection to the Dimensions CM HTTP Connector on " http://SERVERNAME:80 " failed - 56 ( Failure when receiving data from the peer). Failed to start Dimensions server process
CMS-XML After upgrading to VM 8.6.1 or newer, HTTPS connections to the File Server may fail with SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed
After upgrading to VM 8.6.1 or newer, PVCS VM File Server clients using HTTPS may fail with errors like: File Server Status Error communicating with file server "https://ServerName
CMS-XML Asynch Orchestration doesn't log a failure anywhere if using SSL with a certificate/connection problem to the Target Server
The logging you do get doesn't show a problem and it looks like the orch should have run but the event never makes it to the AlfEventManager log. We should either log this connection failure somewhere or at the least make the Test Connect button fail in the Repository when there is an SSL Connection issue. This Test Connect button should also pertain to Endpoints in the Endpoint area in Repository as well as the Target Servers area.
PDF Administrator’s Guide
The credentials are used solely ... ... c Using the credentials established in step ... to establish new endorsing credentials in SSO gatekeepers ... ... <Username> endorsing -user< ... ... to establish new endorsing credentials in Mashup Manager ... " endorsing -user" ... -value> endorsing -user< ... ... SSO user login credentials are successfully negotiated ... ... log in gets failed , then the ... ... * Closes the connection to the Dimensions ... ... * Closes the connection to the Dimensions ... ... Secure Sockets Layer Connection Considerations ... Mashups trust to certificates from their JVM ... , so the certificate file that Tomcat ...
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